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New Trailer For The Fate Of The Furious Unleashed

Eight movies into the Fast and the Furious franchise, and there's no sign that the series is running out of gas.

Universal let loose a second full-length trailer for The Fate of the Furious, and everything is bigger, badder, and more explosive than it's ever been before. It was probably only a matter of time before one of the characters figured out how to turn cars against people. However, we weren't expecting to see Dwayne Johnson use his bare hands to change the direction of a torpedo. But we're not complaining.

The new trailer features lots of stuff that was in the first one, but it expands on the plot and offers up an expanded look at the motorized mayhem we can expect.

Directed by F. Gary Gray, the flick finds Dom (Vin Diesel) mysteriously turning his back on his family for a braided villain named Cypher (Charlize Theron), who is "the very definition of high-tech terrorism."

Here's the official synopsis: "Now that Dom and Letty are on their honeymoon and Brian and Mia have retired from the game–and the rest of the crew has been exonerated–the globetrotting team has found a semblance of a normal life. But when a mysterious woman (Charlize Theron) seduces Dom into the world of crime he can't seem to escape and a betrayal of those closest to him, they will face trials that will test them as never before. From the shores of Cuba and the streets of New York City to the icy plains off the arctic Barents Sea, our elite force will crisscross the globe to stop an anarchist from unleashing chaos on the world's stage... and to bring home the man who made them a family."

The Fate of the Furious roars into theaters April 14. Check out our exclusive photos from the set, and alternate Fast and Furious endings you haven't seen.