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Tom Holland Has Questions In New Lost City Of Z Trailer

The newest trailer for Charlie Hunnam's The Lost City of Z shows the dramatic side of searching for a hidden civilization.

Based on the David Grann bestseller of the same name, The Lost City of Z tells the true story of 1920s British explorer Percy Fawcett (Hunnam) as he searches through the Brazilian Amazon for evidence of a previously unknown city. Despite warnings that the journey could cost him his life, Fawcett persists for years, causing much strife within his family. Spider-Man: Homecoming's TomĀ Holland plays his son, while an almost unrecognizable Robert Pattinson plays his aide de camp and Foxcatcher's Sienna Miller plays his wife.

"This is a sacrifice for all of us," Hunnam's Fawcett intones in the new international trailer, released Wednesday. "But think of what it would mean to find it." While Fawcett insists that he is "here to attempt great things," Holland's character doesn't seem very happy about his father leaving the family, asking "What of your obligation to mother? You do not think of us." Miller cautions him, though, noting, "Everything your father has done has been for you." As briefly shown in the trailer, Holland eventually joins his father on his journey, likely tearing the family apart even further. "We've made a journey that other men cannot even imagine," Fawcett says at the end of the trailer.

The Lost City of Z, which was written and directed by James Gray (The Immigrant), will be released on April 21, 2017. While we wait, check out these other movies that are going to blow everyone away this year.