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Charlie Hunnam And Tom Holland Go Exploring In New The Lost City Of Z Trailer

Charlie Hunnam is obsessed with finding a hidden civilization in the newly released U.S. trailer for The Lost City of Z.

Based on the David Grann bestseller of the same name, The Lost City of Z tells the true story of 1920s British explorer Percy Fawcett (Hunnam) as he searches through the Brazilian Amazon for evidence of a previously unknown city.

He is joined on his journey by his son, played by most recent Spider-Man Tom Holland (sporting a very tiny mustache) and his aide de camp, played by an almost unrecognizable Robert Pattinson. Foxcatcher's Sienna Miller plays his wife. The film was written and directed by James Gray (The Immigrant).

The new trailer gives a good glimpse at Hunnam and Holland in action, showing the two facing off against hostile natives and the elements as they struggle to find the truth. Although history buffs and people who have read the book already know how the journey ends, the film's positive reviews suggest that it provides a very entertaining trip getting there.

The Lost City of Z will have its wide release on April 21, 2017. While we wait, check out these other movies that we think are going to blow everyone away in 2017.