New Iron Fist Featurette Delves Further Into Colleen Wing

If early reviews are any indication, Jessica Henwick\'s Colleen Wing may be one of the best parts of Netflix\'s upcoming Iron Fist, and a new featurette is delving into just how awesome the character is.

When we first meet Colleen, she works at a dojo and is \"just trying to survive,\" according to Henwick. Short on money, Colleen turns to a fight club (which was teased in the show\'s first clip), and finds out that she \"ends up liking it.\"

\"She represents honor, discipline, self-discipline, but she has this edge,\" said series star Finn Jones. \"Danny has never seen women as strong and fierce as Colleen. He has to win her over.\" Danny asks for Colleen\'s help with his training, and, although she rejects him at first, she eventually sees how good of a fighter he is and \"starts to realize there\'s something else about him.\"

\"She\'s curious,\" said Henwick. \"He\'s so intriguing and he\'s so unlike anyone he\'s ever met, so she kind of takes a gamble.\" Henwick added that Colleen and Danny\'s relationship is \"very dramatic,\" with mystery playing a huge role. \"There\'s an element of \'was it fate, was it meant to be?\' I think she knows that Danny is not good for her, but it\'s intoxicating.\"

Although Iron Fist has garnered fairly negative reviews thus far, Henwick says that the show is \"in a league of its own.\" \"It\'s a show that keeps you on your toes,\" she teased.

Iron Fist, which also stars Rosario Dawson, Jessica Stroup, David Wenham, Carrie-Anne Moss, and Tom Pelphrey, hits Netflix on March 17. Here are a few reasons why it will be better than you think.