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The One City Fans Want To See Finally Featured In The AHS Universe

With nine seasons and a spin-off series under its belt, the "American Horror Story" franchise has covered a lot of ground since 2011. From haunted houses and asylums to deadly fairgrounds, the show's various storylines have taken it to multiple different locations over the years. However, fans on the show's subreddit have noticed that one city, in particular, always seems to get the spotlight. "I guess it is a Ryan Murphy thing but LA gets featured a lot," said u/jvincentsong. "I just noticed that after watching the Drive In episode as it could have been in another city." It's an interesting observation and one that, to the Reddit user's credit, still holds weight upon further inspection.

Indeed, the series' "Murder House," "Hotel," "Apocalypse," and "1984" seasons, as well as the "Rubber (Wo)man" episodes of "American Horror Stories," are all set in Los Angeles. The Redditor goes on to note that popular places like New York and Chicago haven't yet been featured on the show and uses that fact to ask their fellow "American Horror Story" fans for the other U.S cities where they'd like to see the series travel. While a variety of different answers were given, there is one city that it seems like "AHS" fans most want to be featured in one of its future seasons.

American Horror Story fans want to see a season set in Las Vegas

"American Horror Story" fans agree that they'd love to see the series make the four-hour trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. "I feel like there's soooo much room for exploration in Vegas," said u/jimeeeeey, suggesting that the city could open the door for the series to make an entire season about "casinos, showgirls, maybe even theater." Another user imagined a season in the City of Sin taking place in "a possessed casino haunted by those who've committed suicide or just lost track of time," which the OP noted would be like "Hunter Thompson meets horror story."

They weren't the only ones inspired by Thompson, whose work includes the 1971 novel, "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas." Some users said that "AHS" could do a lot by leaning into the same kind of psychedelic storytelling present in that iconic, Vegas-set book, with u/Lady_Gwendoline saying they'd "love a Las Vegas based story with a 'Bad Acid Trip' aesthetic and theme." Other users called the city "lawless" and remarked that an exploration of its seedy underbelly would present endless possibilities for horror.

Outside of Vegas, some of the other suggestions mentioned in the Reddit thread were Philadelphia, Miami, Austin, and Washington D.C. For now, the upcoming 10th season of "American Horror Story" will be set "by the sea" and "by the sand." However, there's always the chance its 11th season will, as these fans suggest, finally see the series turn its attention to Las Vegas.