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The First Full-Length Trailer For Vivo Teases A Sweet And Musical Adventure

The upcoming animated film "Vivo" is the latest project from Sony Pictures Animation, the same company that produced "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" and "The Mitchells vs. The Machines." Whereas those films are both fantastical and action-packed, "Vivo" is a musical that takes place in a world resembling our own.

Its central character is the titular Vivo, a kinkajou that befriends a talented musician named Andrés in his hometown of Havana, Cuba. Vivo is voiced by Broadway superstar Lin-Manuel Miranda, who will thus lend his voice to songs featured in the film. The role of Andrés is performed by Juan de Marcos González, a real-life Cuban musician as a member of the group Buena Vista Social Club. Andrés' grand-niece Gabi (newcomer Ynairaly Simo) ends up joining Vivo on a journey to deliver a love song from Andrés to his old musical partner, Marta Sandoval, voiced by Cuban-American pop singer Gloria Estefan.

Netflix, which is where the film will premiere, first released a teaser for "Vivo" in April, introducing Vivo and Andrés. Then, on July 21, Netflix premiered a full-length song from the film, titled "Keep the Beat." Now, Netflix has finally released a proper, two-minute-long trailer for the film in advance of its early August release.

Introducing the world of Vivo

The first full-length trailer for "Vivo" opens with Andrés meeting Vivo for the first time, enticing him in song to come out of a hiding spot in a tree. The two then seem to become fast friends, even performing music with one another despite being two different species. Their harmony, however, is interrupted by a letter from popular singer Marta Sandoval, who Andrés reveals is both his former musical partner and the object of his hidden affections. Vivo is then tasked with delivering Andrés' response to Marta, which is a love song he wrote for her back when they used to perform regularly with one another.

At what appears to be the start of his journey, Vivo meets Andrés' grand-niece Gabi, who learns of Andrés' song, and vows to help Vivo deliver the piece to Marta. The balance of the trailer showcases Vivo and Gabi's journey, which takes them through city streets and a jungle river alike. The trailer also showcases the film's animation, which generally resembles that of Sony Pictures Animation's prior film for Netflix, "The Mitchells vs. The Machines." Certain sequences, however, like one in which a young Andrés dances with a young Marta, are in an entirety different, flatter style that contrasts with the 3D of the rest of the movie.

"Vivo" will premiere on Netflix on August 6.