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We Finally Know Who Played The Ugly Naked Guy In Friends

"Friends," one of the most popular sitcoms of all time, convinced a generation of TV fans that they'd be able to afford a spacious apartment in Manhattan and have all the time in the world for fun, dating, and, of course, spying on their clothing-averse neighbors across the street. That latter activity comes to life in "Friends" in the form of the mysterious nude man who the show's central group of friends kept tabs on by looking through Monica Geller's (Courteney Cox) picture window. The series' six leads often watch the eccentric neighbor — nicknamed "Ugly Naked Guy" — in amusement as though he were a caged animal at the zoo, gleefully laughing and groaning over his absurd behavior.

Despite being one of the sitcom's many ongoing bits, Ugly Naked Guy was only seen in two episodes of "Friends," though no actors were credited for either appearance. The endless gags involving a new thigh master, gravity boots, and a hammock all occur out of sight and are only made known through observations by the show's core characters. However, a zealous investigation from one determined reporter at The Huffington Post finally revealed who was behind those limited appearances.

So, who played the Ugly Naked Guy on "Friends"?

Uncovering the identity of the Ugly Naked Guy in Friends

Todd Van Luling, the HuffPost reporter in question, reportedly spent a year trying to track down the identity of the Ugly Naked Guy on "Friends." His investigation spanned interviews with the show's crew members, scouring long-dead internet forums, and even attempting to commission a police sketch artist on Fiverr.

"Who is Ugly Naked Guy?" seemed like an impossible question after a year of dead ends. Not even "Friends" creator David Crane knew who it was. However, an email from Jennifer Bender at Central Casting revealed the actor's name: Jon Haugen.

The reporter interviewed Haugen, who confirmed, "There's only one Ugly Naked Guy, man, and that was me." He loved portraying the character, calling it "the best time" of his life, and says that he kept his role "mellow" because the studio wanted to keep viewers guessing about his identity.

While he didn't return for the recent reunion special of "Friends," he expressed interest in playing Ugly Naked Guy again. "Maybe we can create a buzz and get everybody back together," he said during his interview with Van Luling. Only time will tell if he ever actually gets the chance to reprise the role, though.