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Geostorm Teaser Trailer Unleashes Weather Gone Wild

It's sort of like the day after the one inĀ The Day After Tomorrow. But, you know, Gerard Butler is there.

Skydance Productions and Warner Bros. Pictures have released the first official teaser trailer for the upcoming disaster filmĀ Geostorm, and it definitely looks like you'll need a raincoat in this version of the future.

Butler stars as the man who can save the world after climate control satellites malfunction, allowing Mother Nature to wreak havoc on humanity. Meanwhile, someone is also plotting to assassinate the president. So it's kind of a bad day.

But the trailer puts the spotlight on the big-budget action and CGI effects, providing only fleeting glimpses of Butler along with Ed Harris and Jim Sturgess. We're sure we'll see more of them as longer trailers emerge.

The film marks the feature directorial debut by Independence Day producer Dean Devlin, but it also reportedly went through $15 million worth of reshoots last year after test screenings didn't go so well. The changes made big changes to the flick, removing entire characters and adding new ones. The movie was also bumped from January to October 20.

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