Watch A Teaser For Gerard Butler's Disaster Movie Geostorm

There's a lot going on in Gerard Butler's upcoming Geostorm, but the story onscreen might not be as interesting as the one behind the scenes.

The first trailer will drop this week, but a brief teaser (above) reveals a glimpse at the disaster flick in all of its very loud glory. The movie follows a pair of brothers who must work to save the world after climate control satellites malfunction, allowing Mother Nature to wreak havoc on an epic scale. Oh, and someone is also plotting to assassinate the president, which can't help matters.

However, the flick has already endured its share of storminess. Although the movie was to be the directorial debut of producer and screenwriter Dean Devlin (Independence Day, 1998's Godzilla), The Hollywood Reporter learned that producer Jerry Bruckheimer and was brought on to oversee $15 million worth of reshoots done last year. A new director, Danny Cannon, was recruited to film them, and the script was reworked to bring aboard a new female character. The flick was subsequently bumped from its January release date to October 20.

Still, none of that necessarily means Geostorm won't be a fun thrill ride for those not already horrified by global warming. Hopefully the full trailer will shed a little more light on what we can expect.

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