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The Hilarious Nickname The Jungle Cruise Stars Gave To The Movie

"Jungle Cruise" is finally making its way into theaters, after several delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The stars of the film are out promoting the project, which is based on the famous Disneyland ride of the same name. With Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt at the helm, we expect nothing but great things from "Jungle Cruise." It turns out the stars had a fabulous time on set together, as well, and the movie is just as much of a comedy as it is an adventure flick.

At a recent "Jungle Cruise" press event for which Looper was present, we found out that Johnson couldn't stop making Blunt laugh during takes. His improv moments were reportedly top-notch, and the film is full of hysterical jokes that the cast pulled out of thin air. In fact, these hilarious on-set moments spawned a fun nickname for the film between the cast and crew — which happens to have something in common with another popular Johnson movie.

The Jungle Cruise cast is full of jokesters

It was revealed at the press conference that Dwayne Johnson's character, Frank, has incredible one-liners during the film, with director Jaume Collet-Serra joking that he has a stand-up routine in the movie. It was then suggested that Johnson should be given an actual Netflix special for how great he performed comedy in the film.

Blunt then revealed that the movie was referred to as "Welcome to the Pungle" on set due to the massive amount of puns the characters spit out. Funnily enough, "Welcome to the Jungle" is the subtitle of Johnson's "Jumanji" film. The actor then shared one of his favorite puns that he told Blunt on set. "I once worked at an orange juice factory," Johnson said. "Yeah, how'd it go for you?" Blunt responded. "They fired me because I couldn't concentrate," he said. Everyone immediately burst into laughter, with Johnson adding, "Then they also had to put the squeeze on me."

Johnson started to tell another pun about a girlfriend of his, but stopped himself because it appears in the movie. 

To hear this hilarious joke and many more, check out "Jungle Cruise" when it lands in theaters on July 30.