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Here's The First Full-Length Trailer For The Walking Dead Season 11

Season 11 of "The Walking Dead," which will serve as the final batch of episodes of the long-running zombie TV series, will premiere on August 22. Rather than airing weekly until its conclusion, however, "The Walking Dead" Season 11 will be broken up into three blocks of eight episodes each, with breaks between them — such that the series finale is currently supposed to air midway or late into 2022.

On July 22, some of the first footage of "The Walking Dead" Season 11 was released online. That first clip essentially consists of a single scene, in which a group of some of the show's main survivors, including Maggie (Lauren Cohan), Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), Gage (Jackson Pace), and Daryl (Norman Reedus) explore a dark subway tunnel. There, they find a walker (a zombie in "The Walking Dead" parlance, though the show never calls them that) which is technically alive, but maimed such that it can no longer make noise, foreshadowing a formidable human threat likely to factor significantly into the series' final season.

During San Diego Comic Con 2022, AMC released the first full trailer for "The Walking Dead" Season 11, including new footage of that same subway tunnel and plenty more throughout its three-minute runtime.

"The beginning of the end"

Jeffrey Dean Morgan's villain-turned-antihero Negan is one of the stars of the new "Walking Dead" trailer. He's depicted at various points alongside many of the series' protagonists from the Alexandria compound they call home. In voiceover, Norman Reedus' Daryl asks an unseen second party, "If you say trust him, I'll trust him," presumably referring to Negan. Lauren Cohan's Maggie, meanwhile, points a gun at Negan shortly after that, goading him to "keep pushing" her. Maggie, of course, has a serious vendetta against Negan — for good reason, considering he murdered her husband — and it seems inevitable that both characters will be headed for a showdown.

Also showcased heavily in the new footage is a makeshift city known as the Commonwealth, led by the charismatic Lance Hornsby (Josh Hamilton). The city is named in a VHS-style orientation video that presumably exists within the fiction of "The Walking Dead," painting the Commonwealth as an idyllic community. That's soon juxtaposed with a violent attack by a man in white armor. Various armored soldiers appear throughout the trailer, giving viewers a glimpse of what appear to a paramilitary force employed by The Commonwealth. Also returning are the Reapers, a threat first revealed in Season 10C.

Further details about Season 11 of "The Walking Dead," like how its version of The Commonwealth might be inspired by or differ from its comic book source material, should surface as its August 22 premiere date approaches.