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Dev Patel Gets Candid About Whether He'd Star In A Superhero Movie

Though his credits are relatively slim compared to other leading actors in Hollywood, Dev Patel has a tendency to make the roles he does take count. His acting debut was as a part of the ensemble cast of edgy British teen drama "Skins," one of the best teen shows of the 2000s. His tenure on the series lasted for two seasons before the entire cast was overhauled to foreground a new group of teenagers.

Then, in 2008, the same year the second seasons of "Skins" first aired, "Slumdog Millionaire" introduced Patel to a far wider audience. The movie was a hit both critically and at the box office, earning a total of $141.3 million and the Oscar for Best Picture. Patel portrayed the film's central character, meaning that his sophomore acting role essentially catapulted him directly into stardom.

Since then, films starring Patel have included Neill Blomkamp's robot drama "Chappie," the family drama "Lion," and the upcoming dark fantasy film "The Green Knight" (based on a poem written in the 1400s). In an interview in advance of the release of "Green Knight," GamesRadar asked Patel about his interest in adding a comic book movie to his sparse but impressive filmography, like many of his fellow leading actors have in recent years. For Patel, the prospect of starring in a superhero movie is complicated, but not an impossibility.

Patel is open to a superhero movie only under the right circumstances

Dev Patel told GamesRadar that he's "not opposed" to joining the cast of a comic book franchise film. While open to the idea, Patel did note that "the alchemy hasn't been right for me, personally yet." He compared the prospect of a superhero film to his "journey" with "Green Knight" director David Lowery which he described as "the most nourishing," seeming to imply that independently-produced films like "The Green Knight" are his preferred type of project.

Having said that, Patel clarified that he has no issue with superhero movies. "There are some incredible performers that manage to go off and win Oscars, and then go and do a big Marvel movie. And there are films like Black Panther that culturally changed the paradigm in massive ways," he said, also citing the first "Captain America" as a film he enjoyed. For him to star in a superhero movie, however, he would first have to be presented the right one for him. "The ones that I have been offered, which I can't talk about," Patel added, "haven't quite worked for me."

Fans of superhero franchise movies hoping for Patel's involvement in one, then, will have to wait for a project that meets the very same standards that have shaped his low number and high quality of acting credits thus far.