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What Happened To Nina And Mick After Sexy Beasts?

Netflix's "Sexy Beasts" is a reality dating show about taking good looks out of the equation by dressing contestants up in ridiculous-looking prosthetics. In each episode, one contestant has to go on a speed date with three other contestants, eliminate one, and go on two more full-length dates with the remaining suitors. After the final dates, the main contestant will have to pick a winner and the participants' true faces will be revealed. Paradoxically, the show focuses a lot on people's looks for being a show which claims that dating based on looks isn't the best way to find romance. 

On Nina's episode — where she was made up to look like a dolphin-human hybrid that came straight out of someone's worst nightmare — she gets the chance to find love with either Mick the rhino, Dominic the mantis, and Dustin the scarecrow. In the end, Nina chose Mick as her spiritual soulmate. But did they find true love? Or was their star-crossed dolphin-rhino romance not meant to be?

Nina and Mick are living their best lives ...but not with each other

According to each contestant's Instagram accounts, Nina is out dancing with friends, being a good auntie, and has calmed down with the "influencer" posts about green smoothie collagen and modeling high fashion. Mick is promoting himself and his acting/photography career in between posts about exploring new yoga poses and getting in touch with his spiritual side. Both seem to be happy and thriving.

But, as reported by Decider, there's no inclination that the two are doing anything together other than following each other on Instagram. If they are still a "Sexy Beasts" couple, they're doing a great job keeping their relationship on the down-low. And this seems to be a trend with almost all of the other contestants. Strange ...it's almost like a reality dating show based on a superficial premise isn't exactly conducive to people finding true love in the real world. Who would have thought? All that aside, "Sexy Beasts" is a wild ride of a show and we'll be excited to see what they come up with next, assuming the series gets renewed for a second season.