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Where Is Joe Scarborough From MSNBC?

Joe Scarborough, host of MSNBC's "Morning Joe," has been absent from his show this week, leading fans to wonder where the ex-politician and well-liked political commentator is hiding out and why he's taking a break from his show. "Where has Morning Joe been this week?" asked one Twitter user yesterday.

Scarborough has done this before — in fact, he took some days off last year at around the same time, a fact which was corroborated by his wife and co-host, Mika Brzezinski, in a series of tweets (via The Wrap). However, this time around, it doesn't look like the network or others have confirmed what's going on, which has viewers worried. One of the broadcasts this week noted (via The Focus) that the long-time TV personality had the morning off, which frustrated certain fans. "Rather than saying Joe is off 'this morning,' why not just say he's on vacation or he's won't be back until a certain day. It's not that hard," posted @ClassicSophie on Monday, July 19. 

It sounds like fans basically want to know their favorite TV presenter is okay. "Do we know where Joe is? Unless I missed it, Mika hasn't said anything about him being out for days???," @AsiRam323 said in response to one of the show's tweets. "Is he ok?" asked @AANABA3 in a similar reply to an official tweet

He's still on social media, but is he leaving?

The good news is that, although he doesn't seem to have reappeared on the show yet, Scarborough is still on social media. On July 20, he posted an Instagram image of his wife in her garden, which implies he was able to get outside. He's been pretty busy on Twitter, but someone else could be posting for him. However, the posts sound like him — he added a number of new ones on July 20, including one that makes you think he's listening to the Rolling Stones. Most of his posts since that day have been retweets, though, so it's hard to say. 

Still, the lack of any official word is confusing his fans even more. "WOW. They don't even mention Joe on Morning Joe anymore. Where is he? Will he be back?" asked @MStumpo. Even fans who don't appear to like him are curious. "it's so much more pleasant without Joe. Where is Joe?" one viewer, @gggirl24, asked today.

Adding to the problem, Capitol Hill correspondent Kasie Hunt left MSNBC and NBC News and her show "Way Too Early with Kasie Hunt" last week, announcing on TV and on Twitter that July 16 would be her last broadcast. She is apparently moving to CNN, according to Variety. CNN has been making moves to amp up its news operation in anticipation of a move to streaming outlets, leading some to wonder if Scarborough might be also on the verge of leaving his long-time gig. 

If he's taking some time off, he'll likely be back soon. If not, hopefully MSNBC, his wife, or another source will make an announcement to clarify what's going on.