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The Twilight Saga Cast Then Vs Now

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When it comes to "The Twilight Saga," there's never a bad time to take another trip to the lush, cloud-covered town that is Forks, Washington. The romantic supernatural series still boasts one of the most dedicated fan bases on the planet, whose love for the books and movies is, much like the beloved vampires, truly eternal.

When the first adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's best-selling book series hit theaters in 2008, it was the start of a pop culture phenomenon, filled with everything from an unforgettable confession in the forest to a friendly game of vampire baseball to a deadly showdown in a ballet studio. The cast of the film immediately rose to the top of the A-list after starring in the series, and as the sequels continued to drive this epic love story to the top of the box office, the collection of Hollywood elites who joined the fold was second to none.

So what have all of your favorite vampires and friends been up to since "The Twilight Saga" came to an end in 2012? Here's a look at what all the sparkling stars have been up to after "Breaking Dawn – Part 2" brought the beloved series to a close.

The home team

After saying goodbye to the golden eye contacts and sparkling skin effects of Edward Cullen, Robert Pattinson has continued to be one of the biggest names in Hollywood. Pattinson has delivered impressive performances in films by some of the most intriguing filmmakers in the industry, including starring in David Cronenberg's "Cosmopolis" and "Maps to the Stars," David Michôd's "The Rover" and "The King," Claire Denis' "High Life," the Safdie brothers' "Good Time," and Robert Eggers' "The Lighthouse." He's also proven to have an excellent grasp on regional dialects in films like "The Devil All the Time," and he got back into the blockbuster game when he starred in Christopher Nolan's daring action-thriller "Tenet." If that wasn't impressive enough, Pattinson will soon join the realm of on-screen superheroes by donning the cowl and cape for Matt Reeves' "The Batman."

Similarly, Kristen Stewart has become a mainstay of cinema ever since her breakthrough role as Bella Swan in the "Twilight" films. Not only did she take on another iconic role as the lead of "Snow White and the Huntsman," but she also riveted critics with her turn as Valentine in Olivier Assayas' film "Clouds of Sils Maria," for which she became the first American actress to win a César, the French equivalent of an Oscar. She's since continued to turn in riveting performances in high-brow film fare like "Still Alice" and "Personal Shopper," and she recently starred in a remake of "Charlie's Angels." She'll next be seen as Princess Diana in the biopic film "Spencer."

Of course, these aren't the only Cullen coven stars whose careers have continued to impress over the years. Peter Facinelli, who played the doting Dr. Carlisle Cullen, has also enjoyed some major career wins, including a celebrated role in TV's "Nurse Jackie," a memorable turn in "Supergirl," and a recurring part in "S.W.A.T.," just to name a few of his screen achievements. Meanwhile, Elizabeth Reaser, who already had an Emmy nomination for "Grey's Anatomy" under her belt before portraying the maternal Esme, has since wowed crowds with her work in shows like "The Good Wife," "Mad Men," "Manhunt," and "The Haunting of Hill House."

Nikki Reed, who played the unconquerable Rosalie Hale, has since starred in shows like "Sleepy Hollow" and "V-Wars," and Ashley Greene, who won fans over with her role as the fashionable soothsayer Alice, has appeared in films like "CBGB," "Wish I Was Here," and "Bombshell." Meanwhile, the actor who played the giant teddy bear vampire Emmett, Kellan Lutz, starred in films like "The Expendables 3" and became a series regular in the TV series "FBI: Most Wanted." As for Jackson Rathbone, who portrayed the sensitive and very thirsty Jasper Hale, he's starred in shows like "Finding Carter" and "The Last Ship." And Mackenzie Foy, who played the littlest Cullen, Renesmee, has also been steadily putting together an outstanding filmography with films like "Interstellar," "The Nutcracker and the Four Realms," and "Black Beauty."

The local rivals

Of course, vampires weren't the only supernatural beings who took up residence in Forks. The wolf pack also came into play in a big way in "New Moon," which added some new hunks to the picture. After bringing a whole lot of fans over to Team Jacob Black with his warmth and lovely smile, Taylor Lautner starred in films like "Tracers" and "The Ridiculous 6," along with earning a recurring role in the horror-comedy series "Scream Queens."

Meanwhile, Gil Birmingham, who played La Push patriarch Billy Black, has become a major player on the small screen scene, with memorable roles in series like "House of Cards," "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt," "Animal Kingdom," and "Yellowstone," and he'll soon be seen in Marvel's "Eternals." And you might've seen Chaske Spencer, who played Sam Uley, in any number of recent series, including "Banshee," "Sneaky Pete," and "Blindspot." Kiowa Gordon, who played Embry Call, has starred in shows like "The Red Road" and "Roswell, New Mexico," and Alex Meraz, who played the quick-tempered Paul, has since been seen in movies like "Suicide Squad" and "Bright," along with shows like "Animal Kingdom." And chances are good that you've also seen a lot of Booboo Stewart, who played sweet Seth Clearwater in the films, as Warpath in "X-Men: Days of Future Past," Jay in the "Descendants" films, and Willie in "Julie and the Phantoms," just to name a few.

The ladies of La Push have also been making big moves. Tinsel Korey, who portrayed Sam's devoted girlfriend Emily, has enjoyed roles in series like "The Detour" and "Z Nation," while Julia Jones, who played the no-nonsense female wolf Leah Clearwater, has since appeared in shows like "Westworld" and "Goliath," and she's joined the cast of the new season of "Dexter."

The supporting players

The helpless humans in "The Twilight Saga" have been doing quite well for themselves since leaving Forks High. Anna Kendrick, who earned an Oscar nomination for her film "Up in the Air" while she was still working on the "Saga," has become an even bigger household name after playing Jessica Stanley. And she's responsible for some of the world's most enduring earworms, thanks to her music and leading role in the "Pitch Perfect" films. She recently earned an Emmy nomination for her work in the short form series "The Dummy," provided vocals for the hit animated series "Trolls," and starred in other series like "Love Life" and films like "Stowaway."

Meanwhile, TV fans have also undoubtedly spotted Christian Serratos on-screen since her turn as the town's nicest teen Angela Weber. After all, she starred as Rosita in "The Walking Dead" and in the title role of "Selena: The Series." Justin Chon, who played Eric Yorkie, has begun to explore his behind-the-scenes talent. In addition to starring in movies like "Gook" and "Blue Bayou," he also wrote and directed those films. And Michael Welch, who played the one and only Mike Newton in the "Saga," has also been hard at work, appearing in shows like "Z Nation" and "Station 19."

And, of course, we have to mention Billy Burke, who played Bella's dear dad. The man has had no shortage of work since putting down his chief's badge. In addition to starring in series like "Revolution," "Zoo," and "9-1-1: Lone Star," Burke has also appeared in thriller films like "Lights Out" and "Breaking In." And Sarah Clarke, who played Bella's "erratic, harebrained mother" Renee Dwyer, has been busy as well, most recently with her role as Eleanor in "Bosch."

The tough challengers

With the good comes the bad, which meant the Cullens had a lot of foes to contend with. But even though their characters packed quite a bite, fans can still cheer for the exceptional careers of the actors who played these bloodthirsty baddies.

The first film's trio of nomadic vamps, for example, have kept themselves very busy since causing so much trouble in Forks. Rachelle Lefevre, the first actress to play Victoria, went on to star in series like "Off the Map," "Under the Dome," and "Proven Innocent," along with films like the creepy horror flick "The Caller" and "White House Down." Cam Gigandet, who played the relentless tracker James, has continued to thrill audiences with work in movies like "Easy A," "Burlesque," and "The Roommate." And Edi Gathegi, who portrayed the conflicted Laurent, has since been seen as Darwin in "X-Men: First Class," Matias Solomon in "The Blacklist," and A.D. Singe in "Briarpatch," and he'll also be playing in the upcoming Western "The Harder They Fall."

And the actors portraying the venomous Volturi have been killing it as well. Michael Sheen, who played the greedy but cautious ancient vampire Aro, has remained one of the most in-demand actors in the business, with small screen hits like "Masters of Sex," "The Good Fight," "Good Omens," and "Prodigal Son," along with films like "Passengers" and "Home Again." And Christopher Heyerdahl, who played the oh-so-over-it Marcus, has been particularly prodigious, with his work in shows like "Hell on Wheels," "Damnation," and "Van Helsing." And Jamie Campbell Bower, who gamely portrayed the callous Caius, has been all over the place. Bower landed the coveted role of Jace in the film adaptation of "The Mortal Instruments" and also played young Grindelwald in "Fantastic Beasts." He also recently landed a role in the fourth season of "Stranger Things."

Perhaps it goes without saying that Dakota Fanning — who played the Volturi's most talented enforcer, Jane — has remained a Hollywood heavyweight. You might have seen some of her recent work in films like "Ocean's Eight" and "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" or shows like "The Alienist." And the actress who took over the role of Victoria for "Eclipse," Bryce Dallas Howard, has also continued to have an outstanding career both in front of and behind the lens. Some of her most memorable films since that epic showdown in the snow include "The Help," "Jurassic World," and "Rocketman," and she's also known for her amazing work in the standout "Black Mirror" episode "Nosedive," along with her excellent direction of key episodes of "The Mandalorian." And Xavier Samuel – who portrayed Victoria's unfortunate rebound, Riley Biers — has done well for himself as well, with roles in "Fury," "Love & Friendship," and "Tell Me Your Secrets," to name a few.

The pinch hitters

The two-part finale of "The Twilight Saga," "Breaking Dawn," brought a whole lot of new faces into the picture as the Cullens scoured the world for allies ahead of their looming confrontation with the Volturi forces. Maggie Grace, for example, portrayed the Denali coven's Irina and went on to enjoy continued success with the "Taken" film series and a regular role in "Fear the Walking Dead." MyAnna Buring, who played the Cullens' "cousin" Tanya, went on to tear it up in television series such as "Downton Abbey," "Ripper Street," and "The Witcher." Plus, Mia Maestro, who portrayed the stoic Carmen, has had no shortage of work with shows like "Scandal" and "Mayans M.C.," and Christian Camargo, who played the quiet Eleazar, has since been seen in shows like "Penny Dreadful" and "See" and has also begun to direct films like "The Last Manhunt."

"Twilight" fans might also remember Noel Fisher for his enigmatic turn as the vengeful Vladimir, but "Shameless" fans will no doubt know him for his role as Mickey Milkovich. He's also starred in series like "Castle Rock" and "The Conners." Omar Metwally, who played the reluctant Amun, has since made a big splash on TV with his role as Vic in "The Affair," along with his work in series like "Mr. Robot," "Big Sky," and "Lisey's Story." Angela Sarafyan – who portrayed his fellow Egyptian coven member, Tia — has since broken out in a big way thanks to her work in shows like "Westworld." And Valorie Curry, who played one of Jasper's oldest friends, has had quite a run with shows like "The Following" and "House of Lies." Perhaps the most accomplished coven ally of the bunch so far is Rami Malek, who played the defiant Benjamin in "Breaking Dawn – Part 2." After starring in the film, he went on to win an Emmy for his leading role in the hit drama series "Mr. Robot," as well as an Oscar for his turn as Freddie Mercury in the biopic "Bohemian Rhapsody."

Put simply, "The Twilight Saga" cultivated some of the biggest talents in Tinseltown, and fans who want to see more from their favorite folks in Forks have plenty to watch next.