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The Untold Truth Of Big Timber's Coleman Willner

There's an entire subsection of reality television focused on the most dangerous jobs in the world. From crews venturing out into the open ocean for "Deadliest Catch" to keeping the spirit of old prospectors alive with "Gold Rush," viewers at home can get a global glimpse of these professions that help make the world go round. Now you can see how lumber makes its way from forests to factories thanks to the latest hit reality series, "Big Timber," which you can watch on History Canada and Netflix.

The series follows a crew of loggers going into unforgiving terrain to bring back all of the valuable lumber. In the process, they have to contend with harsh weather and equipment breaking down. But if anyone is willing to pick themselves up by their bootstraps and get the job done, it's Kevin Wenstrob and his team. During the show's first season, one of Wenstrob's crew members, Coleman Willner, more than proved he was up for the task despite his young age. It's abundantly clear big things are in store for the fledgling logger, and if you need to know more about the hard-worker, here's the untold truth of Coleman Willner. 

He's in a long-term relationship with Alysha Rodger

Based on the show, Coleman Willner seems like the kind of guy to keep his private life private. However, if you head over to his Instagram profile, you can get some glimpses into his personal life. For anyone hoping Willner was single, he's sadly taken off the market, and it's been that way for a while. 

He's in a relationship with Alysha Rodger and judging from how far back they appear in pictures together on both of their Instagram feeds, they've been an item for quite a while. This includes a post from as recent as July 2021 where the two posed together at some event with a banner reading "Cheers to Love" behind them. 

It appears as though friends, family, and fans are incredibly invested in their relationship, as the July 2021 picture has numerous comments with people saying things like, "Definitely zoomed in to see if there was a ring on that finger" and "When's the wedding???" They're both still young, but don't be surprised if an engagement announcement comes to their pages in the near future. 

He's a dog person

One thing you may also notice if you follow Coleman Willner on social media is that he's a huge dog lover. He regularly posts pictures and videos of his golden retriever, Kiha, whom he uses as a bird-dog. As expected from his rugged physique, Willner is an avid hunter, and he'll take Kiha out in the fields with him to catch any birds he manages to shoot. Throughout his Instagram, you can find various videos of him training Kiha to pick up his kills. 

While she's undoubtedly pampered to an extent, this is one dog that isn't afraid of getting rough and dirty. Willner regularly brings her out camping with him as they journey into the great outdoors with each other. A lot of canines stay stuck inside day in and day out looking at the same four walls, but not Kiha. She has quite a home filled with plenty of terrains for her to traverse. She's a very good girl, indeed.

He's an integral component of the Big Timber team

When you watch "Big Timber" on History Canada or Netflix, it's abundantly clear the reason the company works so well is in large part due to Coleman Willner's dedication. He's a hard worker, and despite his young age, he already understands the logging industry inside and out, which allows him to mentor others on how to do their jobs correctly. His hard work isn't lost on his bosses, and when Kevin and Sarah Wenstob interviewed with Hollywood North Magazine, they couldn't help but sing his praises. 

Kevin Wenstob discusses how they have seasonal employees who are only at the company for a little while, and then they have more regular workers. Willner falls into the latter category, and as Webstob mentions, "Coleman our sawyer — he's energetic and has the logging trade down pretty good. He fits perfectly at the mill and takes the lead on most things when he's there making products. When he's out on the hill, he takes that position quite serious and is a true leader — he really shines at it." With that kind of glowing review, expect to see Coleman Willner continue to pop up on future seasons of "Big Timber."