Deadpool 2 Teaser Released

Listen up, Marvel maniacs: the Merc with a Mouth is back again, and boy, is he better than ever.

Following reports that a Deadpool 2 teaser was shown during Logan screenings in theaters all across the U.S., a few furtive fans took to the internet and leaked the supposed sneak peek, one that was jam-packed with all things uniquely Deadpool. Gratuitous shots of bare behinds and plenty of murder, the leaked teaser seemed to hype a lot of fans up, but it wasn't official. Until today, when Ryan Reynolds himself released the full version of the Deadpool 2 teaser.

The eccentric and quick-witted Wade Wilson circles around for round two, and the preview clip proves his powerful punches and his punchy jokes. Seen spotting a struggle between two men, which he presumes will end in death, Deadpool hops into the nearest phone booth to don his signature skin-tight suit and save the innocent citizen.

Both because his makeshift changing room is in such small quarters and because, well, Deadpool has a flair for the raunchy, he presses his butt-cheeks up against the glass, mooning viewers. Unfortunately for the man getting mugged, Deadpool spends too much time getting changed and showing skin, and is murdered. However, it doesn't seem to faze Deadpool: he quickly slips back into his trademark nonchalant attitude, grabs the Cherry Garcia ice cream from the victim's grocery bag, and rests his head on the dead body. A typical day for Deadpool, it seems.

Watch the teaser in all its goofy, gory glory above.

Many have pointed out that this moment takes a (literally) cheeky jab at Superman, as he has often resorted to odd places to switch from civilian to superhero. More noticeably, however, is that the teaser features a score by John Williams, known for his work with DC Comics.

Entitled "No Good Deed," the clip also points to confirming something teased in the first Deadpool film. Fans who stuck around for post-credit goodies saw Nathan Summers, an X-Men character better known as Cable, in a short scene. It looks like he will be showing up in the sequel, as the phone booth in the "No Good Deed" teaser shows graffiti that says, "Nathan Summers comming [sic] soon." Some have speculated that Cable's casting may be announced in the next few weeks.

Deadpool 2, according to the teaser, is coming "not soon enough." We know that it's actually set to hit theaters on March 2, 2018. In either case, we've still got quite a bit of waiting to do. Why not pass the time until we meet the Merc again by reading up on his insane history.