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Here's What Big Bang Theory Fans Think About Sheldon's Real Parents

Even though "The Big Bang Theory" ended its historic run on CBS in 2019, fans have really never stopped talking about the geeky sitcom. The show, which ran for 12 seasons, is one of the longest-running and most-watched sitcoms in the modern era. Its success is all the more impressive considering it premiered after the golden age of sitcoms like "Friends" and "Seinfeld" and competed against various series churned out by streaming giants. Even in a landscape dominated by "Parks & Recreation" and "The Office," the show stood the test of time. 

"The Big Bang Theory" began as the story of a pair of nerds who were geniuses when it came to book smarts, but lacked social skills, particularly when talking to their blonde neighbor Penny. Central character Sheldon Cooper is the epitome of the show's concept — he uses his friends for experiments in an attempt to better understand human behavior, and is never shy about voicing his admiration for his own superior intellect. And while the spin-off "Young Sheldon" has given fans an insight into Sheldon's origin story, some theories question whether or not viewers really know the truth about his childhood. 

Was Sheldon Cooper actually adopted?

As pointed out by Screen Rant, a fan theory circulating the internet questions whether or not Sheldon was truly related by blood to his parents, George and Mary, his brother, George Jr., and even his twin, Missy. If we completely take "Young Sheldon" out of the question, it could make sense that Sheldon was actually adopted into the Cooper family. He's always been known for his eccentric personality, but his supposed immediate family members are essentially his polar opposite — his siblings were described as "dumb as soup" by their own mother. And Mary's Evangelical Christian beliefs tend to contradict Sheldon's staunch scientific truths. 

Considering Sheldon's superior intellect and lack of social awareness, his family likely knew he would be bullied throughout his life. So, they potentially took him in and showed him empathy and warmth to make him feel like he was really a part of the family. But all this speculation raises the question (and gives room for a "Big Bang Theory" reboot) of who Sheldon's real relatives are if he's not a Cooper by blood. Are they as intellectual and geeky as him, or is Sheldon just truly one of a kind?