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Netflix's Trailer For Monster Hunter: Legends Of The Guild Teases Monstrous Action

Netflix just released a new trailer announcing the upcoming release of "Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild," its next animated feature based on the popular "Monster Hunter" series of games developed by Capcom. The trailer teases some monstrous action, with a premise and setting more faithful to the actual games than the last "Monster Hunter" movie.

Like many film adaptations of games, 2020's live-action "Monster Hunter," starring Millah Jovovich, misinterpreted much of what fans love about the games. Rather than an adventure-filled romp through the fantasy world gamers already know and love, the live-action "Monster Hunter" movie set real-world modern soldiers against an army of the series' most familiar monsters after some interdimensional shenanigans link the two universes. 

The film received its fair share of backlash from critics, but seemed to satiate audiences despite the controversial differences between the games and the movie. "Monster Hunter" currently holds a 70% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes

Regardless, Netflix and Capcom seem determined to stick much closer to the series' roots with "Legends of the Guild."

Legends of the Guild promises to be a more faithful adaptation than its predecessor

Set to release exclusively through Netflix on August 12, "Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild" is taking many steps to make itself a more faithful adaptation. Unlike its predecessor, it's entirely 3D-animated, and focuses on characters native to the original universe. Likewise, it goes out of its way to reflect the game's mechanics in its storytelling. Core gameplay activities such as equipment crafting are directly referenced by characters in the trailer, hinting at something that feels more like a true member of the "Monster Hunter" lineage.

"Legends of the Guild" stars Dante Basco (Prince Zuko in "Avatar: The Last Airbender" and Rufio in "Hook") as Aiden, a rookie monster hunter who finds himself a bit in over his head. Things get dicey for Aiden as he stumbles into the veteran hunter Julius (Brando Eaton) and learns of an approaching Elder Dragon whose migration places Aiden's small village in harm's way. Together, the hunters assemble a larger party of comrades to help combat the looming threat.

With a runtime of 58 minutes, the film promises a fair amount of monster-fighting fun for fans to enjoy — though it does come up short in terms of being feature -ength. Even so, fans are more likely to get a kick out of the film's adherence to the original games.