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Will There Be A Your Honor Season 2?

Contains spoilers for "Your Honor"

Will Showtime fight for "Your Honor"? That's the question fans of the Bryan Cranston-led legal thriller have been asking since it wrapped its first — and possibly only — season back in February. 

The limited series was always billed as a one-and-done, but oftentimes if a limited series is successful enough, it'll come back for another season. "Your Honor" wasn't as huge a hit as, say, HBO's "Big Little Lies," but a lot of people watched and enjoyed it, with almost 750,000 viewers tuning in for the finale on cable, according to ShowBuzzDaily. And that's not accounting for people who streamed it. Additionally, "Kvodo," the Israeli series on which "Your Honor" is based, got a second season. It seems only natural for people to wonder if Showtime would honor "Your Honor" with more episodes.

There's certainly room for compelling story in a potential second season, as New Orleans judge Michael Desiato (Cranston) is in the pocket of fearsome crime boss Jimmy Baxter (Michael Stuhlbarg) after committing terrible acts of fraud to cover up the fact that his son Adam (Hunter Doohan) struck and killed Baxter's son Rocco (Benjamin Wadsworth) with his car. But now that Adam has been murdered by Eugene Jones (Benjamin Flores Jr.), a member of the innocent family destroyed by Desiato's lies, Desiato has nothing left to lose. His family is gone, and if anyone who knows what he's done speaks out about it, his career will be gone, too. And he's basically already lost that, too, because he no longer has any integrity. So maybe Season 2 could be about Desiato trying to find some measure of redemption.

But we wouldn't count on it, because it really seems like "Your Honor" is over.

Your Honor will stay a limited series

In an interview breaking down the finale with Deadline, "Your Honor" writer and executive producer Peter Moffat said that there are no plans to continue the show. He said that he didn't intentionally leave any loose ends to be explored in a second season, and that while he did have ideas about how to continue the story, they were just ideas.

"What kind of writer would you be if you wrote and spent two and a half years working on something, written 10 hours of television, and hadn't given another thought to what would happen if there were an Episode 11 and beyond? You'd be a strange human being if you could just drop everybody at the end of 10 hours," Moffat said. "So, of course I've thought about it, and of course, I have several hundred good ideas, but that's a description of where I'm at in my head."

However, when asked if there were any solid plans about continuing, Moffat simply said, "No."

Furthermore, the fact that several months have gone by without any news from Showtime about "Your Honor" coming back for a second season seems to indicate it's not happening. The show didn't get any Emmy nominations, which hurts its chances of getting picked up because it's no longer being talked about. "Big Little Lies" was renewed for Season 2 five months after Season 1 concluded, but it won a bunch of awards in the meantime, you know?

And then there's the simple fact that Showtime always said "Your Honor" was a limited series. As TV Series Finale noted before the last episode, the network used very definitive language in describing it as the series finale. All signs point to it being over.