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The Exorcist Reboot - What We Know So Far

It's no exaggeration to say that "The Exorcist" is one of the most iconic horror movies ever made. Known for reportedly scaring audiences into experiencing physical side effects like fainting and vomiting upon its release in 1973, William Friedkin's demonic possession film made such a splash that it became the first horror film to be nominated for Best Picture (which has only happened five times since). Today, it holds up for its clever, terrifying special effects and significant pop-culture influence.

But for all its success, sequels to "The Exorcist" have struggled to live up to the source material. Several of them (such as 1977's "The Exorcist II," 2004's "Exorcist The Beginning," and 2005's "Dominion: Prequel to The Exorcist") received notoriously bad reviews. Even the better attempts, like "The Exorcist III" or the short-lived TV sequel of the same name, have been unable to capture the public's imaginations with the sheer force of the original.

However, "The Exorcist" will hopefully receive a buzzy, thrilling sequel soon, because Blumhouse Productions president Jason Blum is developing a reboot with director David Gordon Green. Let's break down everything to know about the film.

When is the release date of The Exorcist reboot?

So far, the film is still in very early development, so no exact release date has been announced yet. The only individuals attached to the project are Blum and Green, who previously directed the 2018 "Halloween" sequel. That film ignored the events of other "Halloween" sequels and reboots, instead acting as a direct follow-up to John Carpenter's classic 1978 film. It was a box office success that was considered a successful rejuvenation of the franchise, and the two creatives clearly hope to do the same for the "Exorcist" films.

"[It's] going to be like David's 'Halloween' sequel," Blum told Den of Geek in June 2021. "I think it's going to pleasantly surprise all the skeptics out there. We had a lot of skeptics about 'Halloween' and David turned them around, and I think he's going to turn it around with 'The Exorcist.'"

Green's latest film, "The Forever Purge," hits theaters on July 2, 2021, and he's currently developing the TV series "Hellraiser." Meanwhile, "Halloween Kills" will arrive in theaters in October 2021, while "Halloween Ends" will hit theaters in 2022. With that many projects in motion, perhaps "The Exorcist" will arrive in time for Halloween 2023.

Who is in the cast of The Exorcist reboot?

Green's "Halloween" reboot brought back original lead actress Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode, but it recast Nick Castle and James Jude Courtney as the murderous Michael Myers. Since the original film took place 40 years earlier and many of the 1978 characters were killed by Myers, many of the cast members were new characters like Laurie's children and true-crime podcast hosts.

By that logic, a new "The Exorcist" could catch up with major characters like Chris MacNeil (Ellen Burstyn) and Regan MacNeil (Linda Blair). Jason Miller (who played Father Damien Karras) and Max von Sydow (who played Father Lankester Merrin) have passed away, so any involved priests would likely be new characters portrayed by new actors.

The original "Exorcist" was largely a family affair that followed Chris as she fought to save her young, possessed daughter, so the reboot could introduce new members of the MacNeil family.

What is the plot of The Exorcist reboot?

The plot of "The Exorcist" reboot is also currently unknown, but Blum plans to make a sequel that appeals to longtime fans and new fans alike. "I want to make a movie that works for both [audiences]. I want to make a movie for people that know and love the first 'Exorcist' and are furious that we're doing this, but somehow drag themselves to the theater," Blum told Den of Geek. "And I want to make a movie that people who have never heard of 'The Exorcist' really enjoy. I think David [Gordon Green] did that with 'Halloween.' I think he'll do that with 'The Exorcist' also."

The 2018 "Halloween" film explored how Laurie dealt with her trauma in the decades since the original and how the legend of Michael Myers influenced the popular imagination, resulting in both an intimate character study with reliable thrills and a commentary on how 1978's "Halloween" shaped horror into what it is today. Hopefully, the "Exorcist" reboot will do the same — and provide some fresh scares in the process.