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Clark Gregg Hints That Coulson Might Be In Marvel's What If...?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is really leaning into the whole multiverse thing lately. As "Loki" nears its end and "Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness" looms ever closer, the MCU's first animated outing seeks to explore every possible hypothetical world it can.

Marvel's "What If...?" is an animated adaptation of the long-running comic book series of the same name — a series that has asked many what if questions in its 40-plus year history. Some hypotheticals include "What if Spider-Man Joined the Fantastic Four?" and "What if the Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe?" Based on its trailer, it looks like the animated series will feature another famous hypothetical Marvel universe: Marvel Zombies.

Many MCU stars are reprising their roles for the Disney+ show — including the late Chadwick Boseman, who recorded his lines before his death in 2020. Clark Gregg, who played Agent Phil Coulson throughout multiple Marvel movies and into the ABC series "Marvel's Agents of SHIELD," may also be returning for "What If...?" — if you read into his tweets, that is.

Agent Coulson already has a relationship with What If...?

Clark Gregg tweeted out promo poster for "What If...?" on July 8, which prompted a fan account to conjecture that he's in the show. "Phil Coulson when?" they tweeted. "I'll die if we get a Coulson appearance." Gregg then offered a hilariously deadpan reply: "Please don't." This is far from confirmation that our favorite Agent of SHIELD is coming back to the MCU, but it's highly suggestive. Why would Gregg be worried about the person behind this fan account dying if his appearance in the show wasn't on the table? It certainly makes you think.

Agent Coulson has died a couple of times in the MCU. He's killed in "The Avengers," spurring the titular team to form. He's resurrected in "Marvel's Agent of SHIELD," only to die again after the Spirit of Vengeance possesses him. By the end of "Agents of SHIELD," Coulson is a Life Model Decoy. Any one of these Coulsons could come back on "What If...?"

Likewise, Coulson has history with "What If" scenarios as well. The "Agents of Hydra" arc of "Marvel's Agent of SHIELD" kicks off with an episode named "What If...," in honor of the OG comics series. That arc saw Coulson et al. trying to get out of a computer simulation of an alternate reality MCU.

All things considered, it's not out of the realm of possibility for Coulson to be a part of "What If...?", but fans will have to hang tight until the series premieres on August 11 to know for certain.