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This Is Sylvester Stallone's Most Underrated '90s Movie

Of the numerous actors who have graced the big screen over the past century, few are as recognizable or as influential as Sylvester Stallone. His cinematic journey truly kicked off in the 1970s, making a name for himself with "Rocky" and proceeding to become a Hollywood A-lister shortly thereafter. Before he knew it, he was the star of such famed '80s favorites as "Cobra," "First Blood," "Over the Top," and several "Rocky" sequels, contributing greatly to the popularity of the action hero archetype that dominated the decade.

Naturally, the 1980s didn't last forever, and neither did the crazy hairstyles, big muscles, and tacky fashion trends that came to define it. As the 1990s set in, the cinematic landscape started to shift as well, leaving Sylvester Stallone to diversify his acting portfolio by trying out roles he otherwise wouldn't have taken while still playing to his strengths now and again. From the comedic flop "Oscar" to the action thriller flick "The Specialist," Sly did his best to adapt to the times — finding both success and failure along the way.

For many, the '90s are regarded as some of Sylvester Stallone's most memorable years on the big screen. However, one title from this era, in particular, doesn't quite get the love it deserves, according to the majority of fans.

Cliffhanger deserves more appreciation

Looper recently ran a poll to determine which Sylvester Stallone movie from the 1990s is the most underrated of the bunch, with 630 people from across the United States pitching in their two cents. "Cop Land" wound up in last place with 13.17% of the ballots, and "Daylight" narrowly overtook it at 18.10%. Next up was "Judge Dredd" with 19.84%, and "Demolition Man" landed the runner-up spot — securing 23.17%. That made director Renny Harlin's 1993 thriller, "Cliffhanger," the victor, bringing home the remaining 25.71% of the overall votes.

"Cliffhanger" stars Sylvester Stallone as Gabe Walker — a former mountain climber who ends up at the center of a plot to steal $100 million from the US Treasury, spearheaded by the slippery Eric Qualen (played by the "Dexter" revival's own John Lithgow). The film fared well at the box office, taking in roughly $255 million on a $70 million budget, and garnered moderate support from critics at the time of its premiere. As of this writing, it holds a 67% fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes and has evolved into something of a cult classic thanks to its entertaining performances and strong action sequences.

In the grand scheme of Sylvester Stallone's career, "Cliffhanger" is a relative footnote compared to his more mainstream projects. Although should its premise strike your fancy and you find yourself with some time to check it out, it may be worth it for you to do so. Who knows? You may find some level of appreciation for this oft-forgotten Stallone-centric production.