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Richard Dreyfuss Goes Hardcore Hitman In New Crime Story Trailer

Over the last 20 years or so, few genres have experienced a meteoric rise to prominence in quite the same way as "Older Gentleman Played By A Beloved Actor Kills People." Liam Neeson became a living meme thanks to his particular set of skills in the "Taken" franchise. Bob Odenkirk transformed into a sun-dried John Wick in "Nobody." Michael Caine did "Harry Brown," Bruce Willis did every straight-to-Redbox Bruce Willis movie, and a 76-year-old Sylvester Stallone returned for "Rambo: Last Blood," a motion picture equal parts inflammatory and fueled by antiinflammatories.

Now, Richard Dreyfuss, the star of throwback classics like "Jaws," "Close Encounters of the Third Kind," and "What About Bob," is primed to join this noble fraternity of arthritic antiheroes. Paramount recently released a first look at the actor's latest work, "Crime Story," in which Dreyfuss plays a former mob boss named Ben Meyers.

The beats are familiar: Meyers finds himself the target of a home invasion, triggering a violent return to old habits. Gunplay, shaky-cam action sequences, and weeping on the part of his long-suffering daughter (Mira Sorvino) ensue.

Dreyfuss goes action hero in Crime Story

"Crime Story" comes to us courtesy of writer/director Adam Lipsius — the very same Adam Lipsius who wrote and directed the Asylum disaster film "Oceans Rising." This will mark one of just a handful of times that the double threat has helmed a feature-length film, and looks to be his bleakest outing yet.

Along for the ride is Cress Williams, also known as the Arrowverse's Black Lightning, playing an exasperated man who seems very much alone in his entirely warranted fear of the wrath of Richard Dreyfuss. Right at the top of the trailer, you'll also notice fellow "Black Lightning" alum Derek Russo, getting an ulna full of trunk door thanks to Ben Meyers's anger issues. Newcomer David Steven Perez appears to be one of the sorry individuals that broke into the Dreyfuss household and started this whole mess. You really stepped in it this time, David.

"Crime Story" is scheduled for a limited theatrical release on the same day as its digital/on demand debut on August 13. It's a long way off, but we'll get there. Baby steps, Bob.