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Brie Larson Is Continuing Her Epic Training For The Marvels

After a two-year hiatus, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is officially back on the big screen with "Black Widow," and it looks like it's also back on track for the release of all the other planned movies for Phase 4. This includes "The Marvels," which will act as the sequel to 2019's "Captain Marvel," with Brie Larson returning as the titular character and Teyonah Parris and Iman Vellani appearing as Monica Rambeau and Ms. Marvel, respectively.

Although lots of special effects are used within the MCU for spectacular fights and explosions, one element that's real is the jaw-dropping physique of its starring heroes (well, except maybe the Hulk). Marvel actors have special diets and personal trainers to help get their bodies into superhero shape, and right now, Larson is neck-deep in training for "The Marvels." The actress has been open about how she's getting ripped for the "Captain Marvel" sequel, posting to Instagram videos and photos of her training sessions. Larson's latest Instagram post shows a seriously impressive feat of strength befitting of Carol Danvers.

Brie Larson is lifting seriously heavy weights in preparation for The Marvels

In a recent video Brie Larson posted to her Instagram, we can see just how far the actress has come in preparation for returning to her role as Captain Marvel. The video shows Larson lifting one end of a barbell with three plates on it, and features the caption, "No toes were hurt in the making." We would hope so, as dropping those weights on anyone's toes would require some serious regeneration powers to recover from. It's difficult to tell, but it looks like one of the three plates she's lifting are marked as weighing 45 pounds, meaning that Larson would be lifting around 135 pounds if they all weigh the same.

In the comments section of the post, fans are cheering the actress on. One of Larson's cheerleaders is actually her personal trainer Jason Walsh, who commented, "Nothing feels as good as being strong. So proud of you." Actress Naomi Watts also voiced her support by commenting "holy moly" with a serious of emojis.

"The Marvels" will hit theaters November 11, 2022. The Disney+ series that introduces Ms. Marvel, aka Kamala Khan, will reach Disney+ in late 2021.