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Noragami Season 3 - What We Know So Far

"Noragami" is a popular action/drama manga created by a female duo under the collective pen name, Adachitoka. Originally published in 2011 through manga publisher Kodonsha (via Anime News Network), "Noragami” quickly became one of Japan's most popular series. In 2014, the series received the first season of its anime adaptation, developed by Studio BONES ("FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood," "My Hero Academia"), followed by a second season, subtitled "Aragoto," the next year.

The series follows Yato, a down-and-out minor deity building up his follower count by completing menial tasks at five yen a pop. The god becomes associated with Hiyori, a high school girl whose soul often slips away from her body, and he promises to help cure her. He also establishes a bond with Yukine, a lost spirit (shinki/Regalia) who Yato adopts to use as a weapon in combat. In time, the three become somewhat of a family unit as they get tangled in a mess of godly issues as a result of Yato's past.

Both seasons of "Noragami" were reviewed quite positively by critics, and the series managed to establish a loyal fanbase during its runtime. Six years after "Noragami: Aragoto's" conclusion, however, fans are still hungry for more. While not officially canceled, the show has been stuck in hiatus for some time, and not much is known about its release date, cast, and plot. Still, there is plenty more source material for the show to adapt. With that in mind, here is what we know so far.

When will Noragami Season 3 release?

Unfortunately, neither Studio BONES nor any of "Noragami's" distributors (namely, Funimation) have announced anything regarding a third season of the show. It's not even clear that plans for a third season are in BONES' itinerary. The studio is one of the most popular within the industry, and always has multiple projects spread across its various teams, including the recent "Godzilla: Singular Point."

Assuming BONES is even planning on making "Noragami" Season 3, it would be impossible to determine how far away we are from a release date without some sort of announcement or trailer. Thankfully, we do know that the "Noragami" manga is leagues ahead of its animated companion in terms of progression, meaning that BONES will have an excess of source material to draw on if they ever decide to forge ahead with the series. Until then, fans will have to subsist on said manga, as it is the only way they will get to experience the rest of the story anytime soon.

Who is in the cast for Noragami Season 3?

If "Noragami" ever does receive a third season, fans can already expect what they'll be seeing in regards to the show's voice cast. Unless some major development interferes with the show's cast, actor Hiroshi Kamiya will still be set to play Yato in the show's third season (via Myanimelist). Likewise, actors Maaya uchida and Yuki Kaji will continue to portray Yato's companions, Hiyori and Yukine, respectively.

In the English dub, this main trio is portrayed by the likes of Jason Liebrecht, Bryn Appril, and Micha Solusod, and they will likely also remain unchanged if "Noragami" Season 3 ever happens. Unfortunately, it is unknown when the English translation will be released in relation to the original. In general, episodes of English dubs can come out weeks after their original counterparts, so English fans may have to wait for season 3 longer than everyone else.

What is the story of Noragami Season 3?

As previously mentioned, BONES has plenty of source material to draw on when it comes to Season 3 of "Noragami." In relation to the manga, the show only covers about 10 of its 23 current volumes, leaving plenty more to be revealed. Of course, this means that viewers will get to learn more about the secret world of deities and Yato's dark past as a God of Calamity (via Noragami Wiki).

Furthermore, Hiyori and the others have to find a cure for her easily-lost soul. Until recently, the crew has had to work through conflicts between both themselves and other deities from Yato's past, meaning Hiyori's condition has taken a back seat at times. However, it's fair to say that "Noragami's" wouldn't wrap up without resolving one of the major issues that kicked off its story. 

Accounting for all of this, there is much more potential for character development and interaction, two of the anime's greatest strengths. Fans are certain to be excited for what drama is set to ensue once "Noragami" picks itself up — if it ever does.