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Zack Snyder Reveals First Look At Aquaman's Underwater World

Some say that the best way to celebrate a birthday is to give a present to the ones you love. It seems filmmaker Zack Snyder lives by this motto, as he revealed test footage from the upcoming Justice League film. This was the gift that kept on giving, with countless fans showing approval at the first look of the aquatic superhero's underwater world.

Snyder took to Twitter to tease Aquaman enthusiasts, posted a super-short clip of actor Jason Momoa swimming through the sea, merman tail and all. And what would the king of Atlantis be without his counsel? The test footage video shows Momoa making his way toward someone holding a trident-like object; some have speculated that Aquaman is meeting Poseidon in this particular scene.

Though no sound can be heard in the video, as it's likely coming straight from the editing bay as Snyder and the Justice League team prepare for the film's release this November, you can spot lush coral reefs, sea rocks, and underwater creatures in the background and foreground.

Take a look at the oceanic clip below:Following Justice League's release later in 2017, Jason Momoa will go on to star in the standalone Aquaman film, set to be directed by James Wan for an October 2018 opening. For now, fans can catch Momoa in Frontier, one of the Netflix shows that will blow everyone away this year.