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The Cast Of Mean Girls Are Back. See What They Look Like Today

The original Mean Girls cast reunited, and it was so fetch.

As any Mean Girls super-fan knows, October 3 has become known as "Mean Girls Day," and this year, the cast virtually reunited on Instagram to celebrate the film for a good cause. Led by journalist Katie Couric (clad in a pink Juicy Couture tracksuit that perfectly evoked the 2004 film), several cast members, as well as writer and star Tina Fey, convened over video chat to talk about the movie and make sure their fans are registered to vote.

Everyone from Lindsay Lohan (who played naive leading lady Cady Heron) to all of the "Plastics" to Saturday Night Live veterans Tim Meadows and Ana Gasteyer — who played a high school principal and Cady's mom, respectively — got together to talk about their memories of the film, their favorite moments on set, and what it was like to be a part of one of the most beloved and influential teen comedies of the past few decades. To cap it all off, they urged fans to get out and vote in the U.S. Presidential Election on November 3, 2020. 

Now that they've reunited, here's what the cast of Mean Girls is up to today.

The Plastics came together for the Mean Girls reunion

Despite their presumably drastically different lives and schedules, all of the Plastics were able to reunite throughout the call — though Rachel McAdams, who played queen bee Regina George in Mean Girls, joined Couric for a short, separate conversation. 

As one of the most recognizable members of the Plastics, McAdams — who has appeared in comedies like Game Night and even in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Doctor Strange – was most recently spotted in the Netflix original film Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga.

Amanda Seyfried, who recently gave birth to her second child with husband Thomas Sadoski, joined the video chat from her bed, warmly accepting Couric's congratulations. Many Mean Girls fans remember her unforgettably funny performance as dullard Karen Smith, and recently, you've probably seen Seyfried in movies like the Mamma Mia! duology, Tom Hooper's sweeping film adaptation of Les Misérables, and dark dramas like First Reformed.

Meanwhile, Lacey Chabert, who originated the role of gossipy popular girl Gretchen Wieners, has appeared in nearly 20 Hallmark Original Films in recent years. Lohan, who took a bit of a break from the public eye after a tumultuous period in her career, recently released her first single in years, "Back to Me," which dropped in April 2020.

The students of North Shore High School had fond memories of Mean Girls

Beyond the Plastics, some of the most beloved supporting characters from Mean Girls also made appearances on the call. 

Daniel Franzese — who played Cady's unforgettably bombastic friend Damian and who appeared on HBO's Looking as a series regular — thanked Fey for creating such a proud, openly gay character, saying that the film remains a defining experience of his life so far.

His on-screen best friend Lizzy Caplan, who looks nothing like her punk-rock Mean Girls character Janis Ian, was present as well. In the years since Mean Girls, Caplan has carved out a solid career between comedic and dramatic roles — appearing on everything from True Blood to Party Down (one of the most underrated TV shows of the last 15 years), and scoring huge roles on Masters of Sex and Castle Rock.

Aaron Samuels himself Jonathan Bennett, whose question to Lohan's Cady — "what day is it?" — is the whole reason Mean Girls fans celebrate the movie on October 3, was there as well and shared his own memories of working on the well-loved film. These days, Bennett has moved into hosting gigs, and currently hosts Food Network shows like Halloween Wars and Cake Wars.

Rajiv Surendra, who played the small yet pivotal role of Mathlete-turned-rapper Kevin Gnapoor, also showed up for the Mean Girls reunion. Though Surendra primarily works as an artist in New York City nowadays, he still remembers pretty much all of his famous "Kevin G" rap — to everyone's obvious delight.

Mean Girls' cast was packed with Saturday Night Live veterans

Though the focus of Mean Girls was squarely on the on-screen teens, its adult cast was stacked with some pretty huge names — including screenwriter Fey, who also played Cady's calculus teacher Ms. Norbury. Before earning armfuls of Emmys for her NBC comedy 30 Rock, on which she starred as Liz Lemon, Fey made Mean Girls while still working at the real 30 Rockefeller Center, and the film has kept her busy ever since. Fey and her husband, composer Jeff Richmond, collaborated on a Broadway musical adaptation of Mean Girls, which premiered in 2018 and earned Fey her first Tony nomination. Adding to the excitement during the Mean Girls reunion, Fey confirmed that she's hard at work adapting the Mean Girls musical into a feature film.

Fey also asked her friends Ana Gasteyer and Tim Meadows to join the Mean Girls cast, and ever since they played Cady's mother and North Shore Principal Ron Duvall, they've been pretty busy. Gasteyer has appeared on shows like Girls and The Goldbergs as well as films like Netflix's Wine Country, which reunited her with Fey and fellow Mean Girls and SNL alum Amy Poehler, who was sadly unavailable for the reunion. As fans will remember, Poehler portrayed Regina's mom, the surgically enhanced and super-irresponsible June George. 

As for Meadows, he's popped up in cult classics like the Lonely Island mockumentary Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, and, like Gasteyer, can be seen on The Goldbergs.

If you want to relive the magic of Mean Girls after the reunion, the classic teen movie is available to rent or buy on all major digital platforms. Of course, make the cast proud by getting out and voting on November 3 as well.