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Chris Pratt Explains The Meaning Behind Star-Lord's Vol. 2 Shirt

We can hedge a pretty healthy bet that most of you caught the first full Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 trailer when it premiered last night. While it was full of kickin' '70s tunes, some adorable Baby Groot sneak peeks, and the reveal of one very important father figure, it also featured a slightly confusing piece of clothing: Star-Lord's new shirt.

All of our beloved galaxy-saving Guardians have stand-out looks, from Gamora's green skin to Drax's tough, two-toned skin and Groot's now-miniscule stature. Even our main man Peter Quill maintained a unique fashion in the first film, but for the second installment, it seems he's switching it up a bit. While the long leather jacket (that he'll likely flick up in the middle of an epic dance-off) sticks around, his shirt is completely different.

Written in a yet-undecipherable language, Star-Lord's shirt has been the subject of a ton of fan speculation in the last 24 hours, so much so that Chris Pratt himself was asked to give some insight into what it might mean. According to Comicbook.com, the words on the shirt have "roots in a much deeper part of the galaxy."

Pratt explained (via Comicbook.com) that the shirt has a connection to the galaxy as a whole, and to a hidden element from the franchise's original film:

"Somebody can [translate it], because it's a real language apparently. They've created a real alphabet, but it's from... I think it's from a candy wrapper from the first movie. This is like a space brand of some kind, so it's like on my shirt the way anyone would be wearing an ironic Reese's Pieces shirt or something like that."

Could Star-Lord's new Vol. 2 shirt be a retroactive Easter Egg? Let the speculation begin. And while you're deep into your detective digging, take it one step further and read up on everything you missed in the sequel's official trailer.