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Who Voices Lana On Too Hot To Handle?

Netflix has been releasing many hit reality dating shows over the past few years, and "Too Hot To Handle" is one of the more popular series, based around the challenge of how long a group of hot singles can go with out touching, kissing, or doing whatever with each other. Well, it turns out that it's not long. 

In "Too Hot To Handle," a group of young, attractive people live together in paradise for four weeks trying to win $100,000. The problem is, if they break any of the set rules — like no kissing and no sex — money gets deducted from the final total. But if a couple appears to have a real emotional, romantic connection, the show gets a little lenient about the rules. The second season of "Too Hot To Handle" just finished airing, but fans shouldn't worry, as a third is already on its way. 

On "Too Hot To Handle," the singles live in a house all on their own, watched over by an virtual assistant named "Lana." Depicted as a white device that lights up in various colors, similar to Amazon's Alexa, Lana dictates everything that goes on in the house, declaring when someone breaks a rule or if there are any announcements. Lana almost feels like an omnipresent guide to keep these singles on the right track, when in reality, there might be a real person who voices the virtual assistant. So who is the real Lana? 

A mysterious producer voices the AI host

Unfortunately, we don't have the exact name of the person who voices Lana, but an insider who spoke with Newsweek has revealed a small hint — one of the show's producers is the real "Lana." The reality series has plenty of British women on staff, so don't try to go through the listed producers to guess which one is Lana. Of course, there's also the chance that this insider is wrong, so keep that in mind. Either way, even with a real person voicing Lana, it's highly likely that "Too Hot To Handle" manipulates the audio in order to make her sound more similar to a device like Alexa or Siri. Lana is also a completely unique AI, in that she was created solely for the show to use. This extends to the device's appearance, and it was a long process for the producers to decide on the cone shape for Lana. 

Fans of "Too Hot To Handle" should remember that like with similar dating reality shows such as "The Bachelor" or "Love Is Blind," the real masterminds behind the drama are the producers. Although Lana is an actual piece of technology, she isn't really the one watching the singles. Rather, a bunch of producers are constantly watching the cameras in order to catch any of the "Too Hot To Handle" contestants trying to secretly break some of Lana's rules. It's probably a tough job, as people can be quite sneaky when there's something they desperately want as much as these singles want sex.