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What If...? Funko Pop Leak Is Extremely Revealing

For years, Marvel Comics has enjoyed sending readers into alternate realities. The "What If...?" series of comics envisions what would happen in popular, canonical stories if something slightly different were to occur. Some of the most popular stories from this line include seeing what would happen if the Avengers lost to Ultron and Doctor Doom became a hero. A new multiverse of possibilities has emerged now that a "What If...?" series will make its way to Disney+, focusing on the events of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

There are a ton of great storylines we know will take place from the trailer alone. We've seen a reality where Peggy Carter is the one who suits up after receiving the super-soldier serum. Additionally, Yondu will abduct T'Challa, who will ultimately take on the mantle of Star-Lord, featuring a posthumous performance from Chadwick Boseman

As fans anxiously await more Marvel content, we now have an even better idea of what stories will materialize in the series. And as is the case with most leaks, it comes courtesy of some new toys. 

New Funko Pops hint at Doctor Strange Supreme and Gamora, Daughter of Thanos

Funko Pops are all the rage, and one Redditor has leaked some new toys that hint at other stories we could see in the anthology series. This includes Doctor Strange Supreme, who appears to be an evil version of the Stephen Strange we all know and love. There's a brief glimpse in the trailer of Strange fighting another version of himself, and the new toy line hints there's more than one Sorcerer Supreme out there. The Doctor Strange episode could even hint at "Multiverse of Madness" by suggesting this alternative to the character came from another dimension. 

Another point of interest is the reveal of a character by the name of "Gamora, Daughter of Thanos." While she's an adopted daughter of the Mad Titan in the MCU proper, one Redditor theorizes a different direction this Gamora could take: "I think the What If is that Gamora is Loyal to Thanos." It suggests we'll see a Gamora that never joined the Guardians of the Galaxy and helped her adoptive father track down the Infinity Stones, likely with greater efficiency than what we saw in "Infinity War."

The other toys part of the line showcase characters we already knew about, but this likely isn't the end of it. There tend to be retailer exclusives with Funko Pops, so more toys could arrive down the pipeline. Expect more announcements shortly as "What If...?" will drop on Disney+ sometime in August 2021.