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Why Young Nick Goode From Fear Street 1978 Looks So Familiar

R.L. Stine may be best known for his kid-friendly horror series, "Goosebumps." The collection includes hundreds of titles, making Stine the Stephen King of middle schools worldwide. The author didn't stop with the single series, and when readers are ready to move on to something more in the "PG-13" category, they could turn to the "Fear Street" books. 

Following in the footsteps of "Goosebumps," "Fear Street" is now set to receive its own feature-length, live-action adaptation. Fans of the franchise don't just have a single movie to look forward to. It's the summer of frights as Netflix is poised to release a trilogy of "Fear Street" movies one week after the next, starting on July 2. Each film will focus on a different period in time, beginning with 1994 and then working its way back to 1978 and 1666. 

"1994" introduces us to Sheriff Nick Goode, and in "1978," we see the sheriff as a young man, played by Ted Sutherland. He's a star on the rise and already has an impressive resume to his name, mainly on the TV side of things.

He played two separate characters on Law & Order: SVU

"Law & Order: SVU" has been on the air since 1999. It makes sense for many actors to get their start on the show, but only a select few can say they've had the chance to appear on two episodes playing completely different characters. Ted Sutherland falls into that camp.

Sutherland first appears in Season 17's "Catfishing Teacher" as Zack Foster, a student who ends up in trouble when he thinks he will hook up with a teacher but ends up in an even worse situation. The special victims unit tracks down the teacher in question, but there's more to the story than meets the eye. 

Sutherland pops up on the crime procedural again as Ari Kaplan on Season 20's "Assumptions." This time he plays a young man who physically assaults a Muslim woman, but as is the case with most "SVU" episodes, the issue isn't as clear and dry as it initially appears.

Sutherland entered the DC Universe with Doom Patrol

Every superhero seems to have trauma in their past, but no one's quite as messed up as the crew featured on "Doom Patrol." They're all a little screwy, but they join forces as the eponymous crew to make the world just a little bit safer. In Season 1, that involved tracking down Elliot Patterson (Sutherland), also known as The Book. He's an 18-year-old kid who has strange markings written all over his body that, when read aloud, summons the Decreator.

While some team members just want to kill Elliot so that he can't summon the demon, others think differently. Naturally, this decision ultimately results in chaos breaking out once the book on his body is complete. Sutherland offers a powerful performance as a young man who thinks he's destined to do great things, only to realize his destiny is to decreate all of existence. He hasn't been seen since his time during Season 1, so it's likely his time in the DC universe has come to an end ... for now at least.

From superheroes to the undead ...

One of Ted Sutherland's most recent roles prepared him excellently for joining the "Fear Street" franchise. He plays Percy on the spinoff, "The Walking Dead: World Beyond." The series offers a unique glimpse into the apocalypse by focusing on a group of teenagers on an epic mission for the leads to finally locate their father. There are plenty of allies and enemies they come across along the way, including Percy. Despite fans' assumptions that Percy would be among the first to bite the dust in the series, he ends up surviving the first season and should have a substantial role to play going into Season 2. 

Sutherland praised the part, as an interview with AMC attests: "I think Percy's a button pusher. You know, he wants to push people as far as they can go and see if they'll come back. He wants to see if they'll accept him, if they'll take him in, love him still or whatever ... it's all just seeing how far you can make people go and have them come back." Percy's already had plenty of encounters with zombies, and that same brave energy will undoubtedly be present with Sutherland's subsequent performances in the "Fear Street" series.