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These Jungle Cruise Character Posters Will Get You Pumped

Tentpole movies are slowly returning to their natural habitat, and one of the most anticipated 2021 summer releases, Disney's "Jungle Cruise," is almost here. Major motion pictures based on Disney's theme park rides are famously hit-and-miss (per The Hollywood Reporter), but the existence of "The Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise alone means that there's ample potential for highly entertaining blockbusters. 

The trailer for "Jungle Cruise" makes it clear that the adventure movie is happy to drink from that sweet, sweet "Pirates" well, so anticipation is sky-high — and it doesn't exactly hurt that the film's star, Dwayne Johnson, recently revealed that "Jungle Cruise" will drop both in theaters and Disney+ Premier Access on July 30. 

Speaking of revelations, Johnson's once again been hard at work. In fact, he just unveiled some cool, new art for the movie, and the "Jungle Cruise" character posters he shared are more than enough to get you pumped.

New Jungle Cruise character posters tease a wild ride

The new "Jungle Cruise" character posters, which Dwayne Johnson shared on his Twitter account, make it clear that the audience is in for a fittingly wild ride. The first poster shows Johnson's character, Frank Wolff, in his full skipper garb, striking a muted and wary pose as he holds a torch and peers into the unknown from the bow of his steamboat. He and his equally worried-looking leopard companion have plenty of reason to be on their guard, too, as the boat is full of colorful arrows. The second poster is all about Emily Blunt's Dr. Lily Houghton, whose adventurer costume gives a bit of an Indiana Jones vibe. The good doctor is holding a lantern near a jungle cabin, which is just as arrowed-up as Wolff's boat. 

Poster three introduces you to "Breaking Bad" alum Jesse Plemons' Prince Joachim, who decidedly isn't threatened by arrows — because he's sat behind an armored vehicle's twin machine guns, with an expression that says that he's the guy doing the threatening, thank you very much. Rounding things up is Édgar Ramirez's mysterious — and apparently pretty eccentric — Aguirre, who wears a golden Conquistador armor that seems pretty anachronistic compared to the rest of the characters' early-20th-century style. 

These four posters do a fine job introducing the characters' look and their basic functions in the movie: Wolff and Dr. Houghton are the beleaguered heroes, Prince Joachim and Aguirre are pretty clearly bad guys, and the more muted (for a guy rocking gold armor) Aguirre might just be the more dangerous of the two. Most importantly, the posters are cool enough to leave you wanting more ... and, considering that the movie arrives on July 30, you won't have to wait very long.