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Pierce Brosnan Dishes On The Unique Way He Met False Positive Co-Star Ilana Glazer - Exclusive

Hulu'a terrifying horror film "False Positive" just arrived on the streaming platform, so Looper spoke with star Pierce Brosnan and director John Lee of new A24 fright flick. A major topic of discussion was Ilana Glazer, who stars in the movie as Lucy. It represents a rare dramatic turn for the comedian, but that doesn't mean she's not fun on set. "Her hair represents who she is, her natural hair. It's just this curly, frizzy mess of energy," Lee said. "In this movie, it's all straight and I had to contain all that. I had to take away all your expectations of who Ilana Glazer is or who you think Ilana Wexler is." "Her gifts are natural energy and jokes and spirit. You meet her and she's just a ball of love," he added

When asked what it was like working with her, Brosnan told the story of the first time they met. It was, to put it mildly, unusual — but certainly memorable.

"Naked and covered in blood"

Pierce Brosnan admitted the way he met Ilana Glazer on the set of "False Positive" was a bit awkward. "I went down to set one night in Brooklyn to just say hello to everyone and John was shooting with Ilana. She was butt-naked," he said, pausing briefly as Lee laughed in the background. "I mean, naked and covered in blood and that's how she greeted me. She said, 'Hello, Pierce. Hello, darling.' I said, 'Oh, my.' Where do you look when you have a beautiful woman who's curvaceous and gorgeous and she's covered in blood? So I thought we're off to the races here."

The very first scene of the movie sees Glazer walking through the streets, bloodied and worn out. As such, there's something of a common beginning here — even if it wasn't fully intentional. Brosnan praised Glazer, calling her "Just triumphantly courageous and spontaneous and funny and warm and vulnerable." He also spoke well of their many dinners together, and how it helped with vulnerable scenes. "When you work with wonderful artists like that, then you're free. It's exhilarating. You can go anywhere."

"False Positive" is now streaming on Hulu.