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The WWI Flag That Got Thousands On Pawn Stars

"Pawn Stars" has been entertaining audiences for an impressive 18 seasons. The popular History Channel series follows the wheelings and dealings at the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, located on the infamous Las Vegas strip and owned and operated by Rick Harrison and his family. "Pawn Stars" is beloved by audiences who are not only interested in the antique market but also want to enjoy some old-fashioned reality TV drama.

A huge variety of items are brought into the shop, including jewelry, vintage toys, antique guns, and musical instruments. Many items, too, have some significant historical value, which adds to the enjoyment of "Pawn Stars." What better way to learn about history than through some unique artifacts? Historic finds, too, often have a high potential for profit, making them very intriguing finds for Rick and his team. Such was the case in one Season 7 episode where a guest brought in a very unique — and valuable — piece of World War I history.

The flag has a unique and interesting backstory

In this 2012 episode, a potential seller, Dana, brought in an American flag that was cut off of a World War I airplane by her grandfather. While engulfed in flames, the man ran toward the aircraft, which had just crashed, and tried to protect the flag from burning. In 1940, he brought the flag to work with the intention of it being framed, but was soon called to serve in the Second World War. When he returned home, he thought the flag had been stolen, but he eventually found it, and the story was covered by the local newspaper. To add to an already very interesting story, the seller also had dog tags that had been taken from the wreckage by her grandfather, too — including one belonging to Quentin Roosevelt, President Theodore Roosevelt's youngest son, who was shot down on that very plane.

Understandably, such a fascinating artifact was of great interest to Rick. After sharing the item had been appraised at $10,000, Dana requested $7,500 for the item. However, after some haggling, she and Rick agreed on a price of $6,000, which was still quite impressive. Now, for a hefty price, some lucky buyer can own a very special piece of American military history.