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Rick And Morty: Fans' Favorite Part Of The Mortyplicity Episode

The Adult Swim show known for taking every science fiction convention in the book and finding hilarious ways to subvert them, "Rick and Morty," has returned with Season 5 and a new set of high concept adventures. Episode 2, "Mortyplicity," takes the concept of clones making their own clones, such as in the Michael Keaton film "Multiplicity," and runs with it for a self-contained anthology-style story that recalls some of the best episodes of "Rick and Morty."

The events kick off with the brutal death of every member of the "Rick and Morty" household, which is revealed to be a decoy family set up by Rick to throw off potential assassins. Of course, the central concept of the episode is soon revealed when it becomes apparent that the Rick in the decoy family had the same idea and set up another decoy family. This, of course, means that the second decoy family created their own decoys, and the situation quickly spins out of control.

As the situation becomes increasingly convoluted, things start to get a little violent and a little confusing, which ended up dividing fan feelings on the episode. However, for many, the best part of the episode wasn't even included in the episode's main runtime. Here is the hidden part of the "Mortyplicity" episode that many fans picked as their favorite moment.

Fans felt that Jerry's short after the credits moment was a highlight of Mortyplicity

"Mortyplicity" featured a short post-credits gag that many fans singled out as one of the best moments of the episode. In a show discussion on Reddit, the short after-credits scene was soon identified as being a highlight, with a prompt that simply read "One of the best post-credits ever?"

In that brief scene, we see the remnants of a wooden decoy Jerry, who, in typical Jerry fashion, fled the episode's climactic battle only to be attacked by beavers. Eons later, Jerry has survived but is found by a humanoid version of a woodpecker before ending up as a decoration in a cowboy saloon and finally being used as a cross during a crucifixion.

Nearly all of the top-voted comments in that discussion are related to fans' appreciation for the post-credits scene. Reddit user Kingofthemonsters said, "You did Christianity after cowboys had me dying," while another user commented, "I think the post credits scene is the best they've ever done, honestly. I found it hilarious and was then in awe of how good it was." Even fans who felt underwhelmed by the episode, such as Reddit user General_Asleep appreciated the bit, who said "Same here was very meh. It was funny the first few time then got really repetitive. The after credit scene was amazing tho."

At the very least, this fan-favorite closing sequence proves that even when viewers are split on their assessment of a particular episode, the show always seems to sneak in something that makes it worth watching.