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Wheel Of Time's Jennifer Cheon Garcia Dishes On The Fantasy Show's Cast - Exclusive

Robert Jordan's "The Wheel of Time" fantasy novel series has become a classic part of the genre canon for a variety of reasons, from its unique world-building to its epic scope. One aspect that jumps out from the first page, however, is the series' distinctive cast of characters, which grows to fairly vast proportions over the course of 14 books.

Anyone looking to adapt the franchise to live-action therefore has their work cut out for them on the casting front. Fortunately, it sounds like the executives at Amazon Studios, whose "The Wheel of Time" series is currently in production, knew that finding the right folks to fill the shoes of Rand Al'Thor, Moiraine, Nynaeve, and more would be crucial. At least, that's what one member of the cast wants us to know.

Jennifer Cheon Garcia is playing Leane Sharif in Amazon's "The Wheel of Time," and when Looper caught up with her to talk about her turn on Syfy's "Van Helsing," she made sure to also let us know that the cast Amazon has put together for "The Wheel of Time" is something fans should be looking forward to.

The Wheel of Time's cast is diverse

There's been a lot of talk, especially in the last few years, about the importance of inclusion and accurate, positive representation in sci-fi and fantasy shows — starting with their casts. According to Jennifer Cheon Garcia, the producers of "The Wheel of Time" took those sentiments to heart. 

"We have people from all walks of life. I just think to myself, when I was growing up, if I saw a cast that was that diverse in that way I ... I don't know. It made me emotional when I was sitting in the table read and just seeing how different everybody looked, and how we're all part of telling this story," she told Looper. "I just feel so grateful that I get to be a part of that, and that change. It's really exciting."

Along with Garcia's excitement, though, comes the acknowledgment that she's embodying a character fans of the book have invested in for a long time. "It's the first time that I've been a part of a show and a story that is really, really coveted," she noted. "People really have even a better understanding than I do of her, I feel, sometimes. They really have had this character with them longer than I've had [her]. So. I understand that and that pressure, I'm just [thinking], 'Oh, please, please, please like her.'"

Amazon Studios' "The Wheel of Time" is still in production, and a release date is yet to be announced.