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Who Is The Star In The Amstel Light 'In The Rough: Make Friends' Commercial?

Ever feel like you know a particular actor in a commercial, but you can quite figure out where you know them from? You might have experienced this thanks to the Amstel Light "In the Rough" commercial series which stars a big-name golfer you've likely heard of before. The commercial series kicked off in early 2020 beginning with an installment subtitled "The Phone Number" (via Muse by Clio). Following the release of the "Phone Number," Amstel Light made two more beer commercials, "Your Wife's Friends" and "Make Friends," which build on the basic premise first established in that first commercial: an Average Joe golfer heads over to the wooded part of a golf course — a.k.a. "the rough" — to retrieve his ball that's landed there. Upon retrieving the ball, the golfer looks shocked to find a famous golfer just sitting amongst the trees, sipping on an Amstel Light without a care in the world. Said golfer offers advice, giving the Average Joe golfer his own take on various personal problems, all of which revolve around finding ways to socialize. Naturally, cracking open an Amstel Light is the common solution.

So, who is the familiar face from these Amstel Light commercials that you can maybe place, but don't quite know off the top of your head?

Who better to give friendship advice than Phil Mickelson, one of the friendliest faces in golfing?

The very relaxed, ultra-cool golfer featured in Amstel Light's "In the Rough" commercial series is none other than Phil Mickelson. The commercials are part of a multi-year deal he struck with Amstel Light back in 2020 (via J.J. Taylor). Mickelson is one of the titans of the sport, having played professionally for more the better part of 30 years. The golf superstar is one of the most decorated athletes in the game, having racked up three Masters titles, two PGA championships, and more than 45 event wins as a member of the PGA Tour. To top it all off, earlier this year, Mickelson made headlines when he became the oldest player to win the 2021 PGA championship (via ESPN). 

While Mickelson is one of the most prominent figures in golfing thanks to his prowess on the links, he's also one of the most admirable, too. A quick search on Mickelson will yield enough evidence to convince any newcomer to the Mickelson fandom that he's a lovable goofball who has always been devoted to his family. A 2013 NBC Golf Channel profile on the public persona Mickelson has cultivated to that point highlights how he's always been family-focused — even wearing a beeper while playing the 1999 U.S. Open because he wife was due to give birth any moment — and committed to charitable acts. For his 50th birthday, USA Today rounded up anecdotes from Mickelson's friends and fellow golfers, all of whom shared memories of how he brightened up their life. Now, after more than three decades in the game, Mickelson is still keeping fans smiling thanks to his very enjoyable Amstel Light "In the Rough" commercials.