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Did Marvel Really Add Doctor Strange To WandaVision's Post-Credits Scene?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe fandom has been buzzing for the last two days after some fans noticed that the post-credits scene in "WandaVision" has been edited. The original scene starts with a landscape shot of the new location Wanda Maximoff, aka the Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen), is hiding out in. After panning over some mountains and a pristine lake, the camera moves in on a cabin, where Wanda is seen sitting on the front porch. The end-credits scene didn't feature anything odd that stuck out, but it now has a bizarre blur that appears to be moving over the mountains.

Immediately, many fans began theorizing that this mysterious blur was Doctor Strange's (Benedict Cumberbatch) astral projection floating through the mountains to check on Wanda. Doctor Strange was actually meant to appear in "WandaVision," but Marvel boss Kevin Feige decided against it so as to not take attention away from Wanda (rightfully so), so people argued that the edited post-credits scene was Marvel's way of sneaking him in after the fact to make the transition from "WandaVision" to "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness" smoother. 

On the flip side, others suggested that the blur was White Vision (Paul Bettany), whose whereabouts are currently unknown, while some played into the whole Mephisto thing yet again. Now, we finally have an answer on whether or not this moving mystery object really is Doctor Strange or any of the other suspected characters.

Marvel did change the WandaVision post-credits scene, but it's not what some fans think

Sorry to burst your bubble, MCU fans, but that is not Doctor Strange's astral projection floating in the mountains in the "WandaVision" post-credits scene. It's not White Vision either — nor is it Mephisto, or a bird, or a plane. A tech-savvy TikTok and Reddit user debunked the theory that Doctor Strange popped up in the new edited end-credits scene of "WandaVision," and has confirmed that the moving blur is just an editing mistake. Redditor u/Cinephobe explained the error that's caused such a frenzy in a short video that compares the old and new "WandaVision" post-credits scene.

The Redditor noted that a small glimmer of light shines through a window in Wanda's cabin toward the end of the scene, which was edited out because it was distracting. Unfortunately, the effect the editor(s) used to do this wasn't removed from previous frames, which caused an odd shape that appeared to be cascading through the mountains. The weird blur shape actually isn't moving at all and stays in the same spot; it simply appears to be moving as the camera zooms in on Wanda's cabin from afar. The Redditor also showed how the tracking tool used to capture the shape of the window's light matches the blurry figure in the mountains.

As exciting as it would have been to see Marvel edit something into a project after it's already been viewed by millions, this was simply an editing mistake and nothing to freak out over.