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Who AHS Fans Think Would Win In A Fight Between Scáthach And Michael Langdon

"American Horror Story" has had some formidable baddies in its nine seasons, and since all the seasons from "Murder House" to "Apocalypse" are connected, many of these villains have interacted in one way or another. James March from "Hotel" was scared of Michael Langdon from "Apocalypse." It's hinted in "Roanoke" that Scáthach is the first Supreme Witch, from which the witches in "Coven" draw their lineage in one way or another. The Countess from "Hotel" sought an abortion from the mad doctor of "Murder House." And Billie Dean Howard shows up in many seasons to help ghosts find their way.

Redditors looked at all these connections and asked themselves the obvious question: who would win in a fight, the Antichrist or the First Supreme? Both Michael and Scáthach have immense power, as well as servants more than willing to do their dirty work. Michael can pull souls out of Hell, and Scáthach moves through time as an extremely powerful ghost. So who does Reddit think is the biggest bad of them all?

Scáthach reigns Supreme

A Reddit poll found that "AHS" fans thought Scáthach would cream the Antichrist. It's not hard to see why. Michael was already taken out by Mallory, a witch, at the end of Season 8. If a witch who isn't even Supreme yet can take out Michael, then the First Supreme surely can. Or as one Redditor put it, "Considering how 'Apocalypse' ended, this battle probably wouldn't last long lol."

A wrinkle is added if you ask who would win in a fight between the forces behind Michael and Scáthach. At the end of "Apocalypse," a new Antichrist has been born, implying that the end of the world is once more very much nigh. If the Antichrist can be reborn anytime, anywhere, that makes things much more difficult for the witch side of things. The two sides seem to be in a Manichean struggle, where neither force can ever seem to gain the upper hand.