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The Surprising Amount Rick Paid For A Ronald McDonald Head On Pawn Stars

Chumlee tends to get a bad rap on History's "Pawn Stars." He may not have as much experience as Rick Harrison, but after 17 seasons, it's clear he must've learned a few things along the way. Sure, he's made a few mistakes over the years, like the time he purchased a sniper arcade game for more money than it was likely worth, but all of the members of the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop family have had their bad days. 

Chumlee may have started the series as Corey's friend, who needed to learn some things about the pawn business, but he's become an integral figure in the show. In some cases, instead of his coworkers calling upon one of the many experts they have on speed dial, they occasionally have to shout across the store to get Chumlee's attention. He's particularly adept when it comes to collectible shoes, and in the Season 14 episode, "Balloon Payments," Rick required Chumlee's expertise in another vital field — McDonald's.

Rick ends up buying a Ronald McDonald helium dispenser for $250

Rick doesn't precisely know what to make of a vintage Ronald McDonald helium dispenser when someone brings it into the store. Some locations would use it to fill up balloons whenever kids would have their birthday parties at the establishment. Rick doesn't know too much about the item and whether it's worth any money, so he calls Chumlee over, who reveals that he used to work at McDonald's. He confirms the object was, in fact, something used at restaurants and that there is a collector's market out there for McDonald's memorabilia. After some back and forth, the two make a deal to sell Ronald's bust for $250. 

It's far from the priciest deal ever made on "Pawn Stars," but they still managed to have fun with the antique afterward. Chumlee checks to make sure the dispenser still works, and he fills up Rick's office with balloons in the process. After over a dozen seasons, it never gets old watching Rick come super close to blowing a gasket. 

While a giant clown head may seem weird, it's far from the oddest McDonald's collectible to come into the shop. Season 18 had an episode where Corey bought a vintage cookie in the likeness of Ronald McDonald for $100. Corey thought he could make a nice profit off it ... but Chumlee ends up eating it first.