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Why Dave From The A List Looks So Familiar

When you think you've run out of supernatural, soapy teen dramas to binge-watch, something else comes along to hold your interest. "The A List," which initially aired on BBC before becoming a Netflix original, follows in the grand tradition of shows like "Riverdale" and "Teen Wolf." The series follows a group of teenagers who end up at summer camp, but they have a lot more to worry about at this destination than who's hooking up with who. A mysterious girl named Amber (Ellie Duckles) appears to have strange powers that no one else is quite able to explain.

One of the people who remains mainly oblivious to what transpires is Dave (Cian Barry), a camp counselor. He wants everyone to have a good time while they're on the island for the summer, even as tensions grow among the campers. Barry plays the role perfectly, and while his stint on "The A List" may be his most prominent role to date, he has a couple of other performances worth checking out once you make it through the entirety of "The A List" Season 2.

He showed up in the British version of Shameless

Showtime's "Shameless" follows in the grand tradition of American shows remaking British series. The original "Shameless" aired on Channel 4 from 2004 to 2013. The situations may be slightly different, but it still follows the Gallagher family, consisting of working-class individuals just trying to make a comfortable life for themselves in Manchester. The British version also makes good use of dark humor to make the working-class struggles go down more easily, and "Shameless" exemplifies this in Season 7's "Gunshot."

The plot focuses on the Maguire family preparing to baptize baby Connor, but Kelly (Sally Carman), a prostitute, has a change of heart at the last second, much to the surprise of Father Ryan (Cian Barry). She believes she doesn't need to baptize her son, and she can teach him to be a good person without relying on religion. 

It's a small role, but in case you want to see one of Barry's earliest performances, you can check out the entire British "Shameless" series on Hulu.

Barry became a leading man in Nina Forever

"Nina Forever" is unlike any horror film you've seen before. It follows Rob (Cian Barry) reeling from the loss of his girlfriend, Nina (Fiona O'Shaughnessy). After some time has passed, he manages to move on and starts a relationship with his coworker. The only problem is that every time they try to be intimate, Nina returns as a revenant to torment them. 

It's an odd premise, but according to an interview from Barry, that's what attracted him to the project: "It was a very strange story, in a way, but it's also easy to believe. It's based in reality, as it deals with the characters' realistic emotions. So I was captivated" (via Shock Ya!). Critics responded to its offbeat nature as well, and the film currently holds a 94% rating on the Tomatometer

From short films to video game voiceovers, Barry has dipped his toes in a bit of everything. Being busy as he is these days, it won't be long until he shoots up to the Hollywood A-list.