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What You Never Noticed About The Badges On NCIS

"NCIS" is one of the longest-running crime dramas on television, and its popularity all over the world has led to spinoffs and relatively unknown movies in some regions. Set to enter its 19th season, the show must be doing something right to keep viewers returning for more after all these years. Most shows are lucky to last a few seasons, but the fact that "NCIS" has survived for almost two decades while remaining compelling is no small feat. That being said, everyone loves a good mystery, and "NCIS" — which chronicles a team of naval investigators as they solve murders and other crimes — certainly fits the bill in that department.

The agents in "NCIS" know a thing or two about paying close attention to detail, but the show's fans have also been known to pick up on the little things throughout the years. There are aspects of the show that aren't noticeable at first glance, but some eagle-eyed viewers have pointed them out all the same. The badges are a prime example of these finer details that don't capture people's immediate attention.

The badges are different colors in NCIS

Nothing screams authority quite like a powerful badge, but there are different types, all of which signify the various forms of rank found within law enforcement agencies. "NCIS" doesn't ignore this. The special agents in the CBS series are primarily known for their gold badges, though some scenes depict their colleagues wearing silver ones. There's a good reason for this. As Little Things notes, the gold emblem is for full-time agents, while the silver alternative is reserved for part-timers.

"NCIS" might not be the most accurate police procedural out there. For a start, it's unlikely that real-life agents hang out in elevators sharing confidential information with each other. According to one real-life NCIS agent, the creators "have a vested interest in making sure the television show maintains a certain credibility and a certain accuracy when [they] can," but entertainment comes first and foremost. Still, the minor details, such as the badges, add an air of realism to the show that makes it easier for viewers to suspend their disbelief.