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The Gibbs Job Detail That Has NCIS Fans Scratching Their Heads

"NCIS" is a show about professional investigators getting to the bottom of some pretty heinous crimes. While the titular naval team has seen plenty of action in its time, solving crimes is dependent on their ability to solve problems and collaborate with each other. As such, the heroes have had plenty of conversations where they've exchanged sensitive information about the case at hand. Only the most trustworthy agents are made privy to certain types of classified information, though some of the chats between the characters are more intimate and personal. At 18 seasons and counting, there have been many conversations of this ilk throughout the years, but some fans have taken issue with how they're conducted.

The "NCIS" headquarters has a lot of private rooms, but the secretive exchanges are often carried out in a location that could theoretically cause some problems for other staff members who want to go about their days in the most efficient manner. However, there might be a good reason for this aspect of the show.

What's the deal with the elevator in NCIS?

Gibbs (Mark Harmon) prefers to talk with his colleagues in a stopped elevator, which is a good idea in many ways. No one can walk into an elevator that's stuck between floors, and their thick walls prevent eavesdroppers from overhearing what's being said. Then again, this method is arguably selfish on Gibbs' part.

As one Reddit user pointed out, it would be more convenient for the agent to have a private office so other employees didn't have to work around his elevator schedule. "Seriously, Gibbs. The elevator is there to transport people from floor to floor," they wrote. "It is not intended to be a substitute office for your private conversations with members of your team." Other Redditors were quick to comment on the valid reasoning for Gibbs' actions, noting how "sound travels fast" in the office, causing the whole floor to hear what's being said. If Gibbs had his own sound-proof office, it probably wouldn't stop people from interrupting his meetings.

Of course, logic might not be the only reason behind this "NCIS" hallmark. In a separate Reddit thread regarding the elevator trend, a commenter suggested that the elevator is an effective way to highlight the scene's relevancy to the plot and create some compelling drama. "It's close and personal, gives a sense of immediate importance. Stopping the elevator also appeals to the dramatic side."