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Kingsman's Sophie Cookson Reveals Her Theory About Roxy's Fate - Exclusive

This article contains spoilers for "Kingsman: The Golden Circle."

If you ask Sophie Cookson, the demise of her "Kingsman" character Roxy has been greatly exaggerated. She first debuted her role as the spunky Kingsman prospect in 2014's "Kingsman: The Secret Service," working alongside Colin Firth (Harry Hart) and Taron Egerton (Gary "Eggsy" Unwin). While the franchise has certainly seen its share of iconic stars, Cookson doesn't often get to work with them in the series. 

Between Samuel L. Jackson (Valentine) and Mark Hamill (Professor Arnold) in the first film — as well as Channing Tatum (Tequila) and Elton John an exaggerated version of himself) in the sequel — Roxy, and Sophie Cookson by proxy, have both been left out of the fun. Of course, a perfect solution would be for the franchise to bring her character back in the future to give her some scenes with the inevitably incredible guest stars that any future films... and that's just what Cookson hopes will happen.

Recently, Looper spoke to Sophie Cookson during an exclusive interview for her new film "Infinite," where she dished on all things "Kingsman," and the fate of her character, Roxy. Here's what Cookson had to say about the popular action franchise.

The fate of Roxy in the Kingsman universe

On whether or not there's room for Roxy to appear in any possible subsequent films, Cookson has her own theory on that explosive scene in "Kingsman: The Golden Circle." She said, "There is always room for Roxy to reappear. We did not see her die, so as far as I'm concerned, she's living and breathing somewhere." It certainly wouldn't be the first time the franchise made us think a character met their untimely demise only to reappear later; if anyone can do it, it's a Kingsman agent.

The actress isn't involved in the prequel film "The King's Man," either, with no news to share on that front. She noted, "And yeah, no, I don't know too much about the new film, but it looks amazing. I'm very excited to see it." Her and the rest of the dedicated fanbase the "Kingsman" franchise has accumulated throughout the years, that is.

Training for Kingsman was pretty intense

While Cookson didn't get a chance to work with many of the franchise's heavy-hitter guest stars, she did have a fair number of scenes with Colin Firth. On that working relationship, Cookson revealed, "Colin is the loveliest man in the world. And yeah, I very much look forward to bumping into him in the future because he's so generous, so talented, and just creates a really nice calm atmosphere on set, which you need when there's so much panic going on."

Much of Cookson's stunt training for "Kingsman" was straightforward, but she did have to go into extensive space training for those epic space sequences. She revealed, "My 'Kingsman' training kind of involved a forward roll and a slight jog on a treadmill, and that was kind of it." However, on her space training, she added, "But all of the sections when she's in space, and flipping and spinning out, there was a lot of training for that in a device called the vomit. Was it called the ... Yeah, the vomit comet, where it just kind of spins you, and astronauts sometimes use it to train. So we spent weeks doing that, which was hell. But yeah, again, yeah, needed a stunt double for some of that."

Fans can tune into Cookson's new film "Infinite," which is now streaming on Paramount+.