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Exclusive Clip: Get A Sneak Peek At Van Helsing Season 5, Episode 10

The much-loved Syfy fantasy horror drama "Van Helsing" is barreling toward its Season 5 — and series — finale, set to air on the network on Friday, June 25. But before "Van Helsing" fans bid adieu to the Kelly Overton-starring show they've watched for nearly five full years, Syfy is delivering a triple scoop of goodness today — Friday, June 18. 

Tonight on Syfy, three episodes of "Van Helsing" Season 5 will air back to back: Episode 10, "E Pluribus Unum," at 8 PM ET; Episode 11, "Undercover Mother," at 9 PM ET; and Episode 12, "The Voices," at 10 PM ET. It all leads up to the series' very last episode — Season 5, Episode 13, "Novissima Solis" — next week.

Ahead of Episode 10's debut, Looper is excited to share with "Van Helsing" fans a sneak peek at the action. 

The exclusive clip from "Van Helsing" Season 5, Episode 10 opens on Jonathan Scarfe's Axel Miller and Keeya King's Violet Van Helsing engaging in a bit of a spat. In Episode 9, after splitting up with Ivory (Jennifer Cheon Garcia) and Jack (Nicole Muñoz), Violet and Axel head into the woods to take shelter. Violet is tasked with watching over the cabin while Axel sleeps, which shouldn't be a problem considering she's currently struggling with insomnia, but things go belly-up when Vanessa Van Helsing (Overton) calls upon a sleeping Axel and pulls him into the Dark Realm. 

After an intense standoff with the Darkness version of Vanessa, Axel is back in the right reality — but he still has a mission to complete with Violet: find Vanessa, who moved through a portal and wound up in Washington, D.C., and her daughters in an effort to bring down the Dark One once and for all. Little do Violet and Axel know, however, that Vanessa is now disguised as the dead vampire Nina.

One step closer

Information and clues are the biggest things Violet and Axel are after, and so Violet suggests that they bring into a local shop the circuit board that a young man dropped when bikers dragged him out of the woods and ask the shop owner for intel. Axel offers up a sterling silver ring in exchange for three questions. The shop owner tells Axel all he knows about Aaron, the young man who was looking for "hacker parts." He apparently is trying to communicate with someone and "thinks it'll make a difference." 

When Axel asks the shop owner if he knows where the bikers took Aaron, he can't answer, as Axel has used up the three questions his ring allotted him. No matter, though: Axel has a necklace that's sure to buy him at least a few more questions.

There's no telling what exactly will happen next, but the action is definitely leading to D.C. The logline for "Van Helsing" Season 5, Episode 10 teases that Axel and Violet will "inadvertently save an important figure from America's past who could help turn the tide in their fight against the Dark One." It suddenly makes sense why the episode is called "E Pluribus Unum" — the Latin phrase meaning "out of many, one," and the official motto of the United States. 

Tune into the three brand-new episodes of "Van Helsing" tonight starting at 8 PM ET on Syfy.