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Where Is The Cast Of Gotham Today?

There have been many "Batman" adaptations over the years, but one of the most unique probably has to be "Gotham." Airing from 2014 to 2019 on Fox, the prequel series follows a young Bruce Wayne immediately after his parents' murder. As he tries to overcome his fears and trauma, villains and corruption run amok through the city, and Detective James Gordon has to keep Gotham safe while trying to find the person who killed Thomas and Martha Wayne. 

Viewers enjoyed the large and impressive cast, especially the colorful and reimagined villains that did everything in their power to bring Gotham City to its knees. Alhough the series ended prematurely (according to actor Andrew Sellon, there were at least seven full seasons planned), the finale was well-received and thought to be a fitting conclusion and beginning to Bruce's journey. It has been two years since the final episode, but that hasn't stopped fans from lobbying for a renewal and showing their support for their favorite actors. Let's see what the cast of "Gotham" is up to today. 

Ben McKenzie is on Broadway

Ben McKenzie had already been in the spotlight for his roles in "The O.C." and "Southland." A year after the latter was canceled, he began portraying James Gordon, a rookie cop who vows to fight both corruption within the GCPD and the rising crime rates in Gotham City. Despite Jim's determination, he is often sucked into the chaos and must resort to extreme measures in order to do what he believes is right. McKenzie did much more than just act; he also directed three episodes and wrote two, including "The Trial of Jim Gordon" in Season 5. 

During the same year that "Gotham" ended, McKenzie worked in films such as "The Report" with Adam Driver and "Line of Duty" with another "Batman" alum, Aaron Eckhart. He made his Broadway debut in 2019, joining the cast of Bess Wohl's "Grand Horizons." The play officially opened in January 2020 and had a 10-week limited run, closing on March 1 just before the pandemic forced Broadway to shut down. 

McKenzie has spent the last year and a half at home with his wife, Morena Baccarin, and their two children. 

David Mazouz is a rising mob boss

Though he had appeared in "The Office" as Robert California's son and starred in the short-lived series "Touch," David (pronounced "Dah-veed") Mazouz didn't really catch viewers' attentions until he began playing the young Bruce Wayne. Across five seasons of "Gotham," Mazouz intrigues audiences with the way he masterfully captures each and every aspect of Bruce's childhood. By portraying Bruce as he struggles with his parents' deaths, his budding relationship with Selina Kyle, and his anger that almost threatens to consume him, Mazouz brings a new and unique way of looking at the iconic hero we all love. 

Mazouz finally got to be Batman at the end — though only his face is in the scene — and now he has moved on to other parts. In 2020, he played Caleb in an episode of "Day by Day," a podcast about different people and their new lives while in quarantine. 2021 will see Mazouz in the crime film "The Birthday Cake," in which he plays the younger version of Shiloh Fernandez's character. Mazouz posted a few behind-the-scenes images, and he looks like he could be a relative of the Sopranos. 

Robin Lord Taylor is the real Will Bettelheim

Oswald Cobblepot — more commonly known as the Penguin (though he absolutely hated that nickname in the beginning) and played by Robin Lord Taylor – is arguably the breakout character of the series. In most versions, the character belongs to a high-class family that was ruined by the Waynes. In "Gotham," he comes from a poor but comfortable home and serves as an umbrella boy for Fish Mooney. Oswald is extremely ambitious, hoping to become the "King of Gotham" and having little regard for those he hurts with his malicious actions. By the end of the series, he has fully embraced the Penguin persona, donning a top hat, monocle, and pudgy belly. Taylor was highly praised for his performance, and it seems he had some input with how the character would go: His sexuality may have inspired the writers to make Oswald gay.  

After and during "Gotham," Taylor has found success in other projects. He appeared in "John Wick 3" as the Administrator; the character's tattooed and pierced look came from Taylor's desire to do something different (via Cinema Blend). He also had a recurring role in the second season of Netflix's "You" as hacker Will Bettelheim, one of the identities Joe assumes when he tries to escape from his past. Taylor is also active on social media, posting pictures of both his cats and his husband. 

Sean Pertwee celebrates the Doctor

Though many might know Sean Pertwee as the son of Third Doctor actor Jon Pertwee — he's a dead ringer for his father — Pertwee has made a name for himself with various roles in numerous projects, including that of Bruce Wayne's trusted butler, Alfred Pennyworth. Though all versions of the character demonstrate fierce loyalty to Bruce, Pertwee's Alfred also shows off his military skills gained from years of army training. Such experience allows Alfred to be in the action, fighting such villains as Ra's Al Ghul and the Court of Owls. Despite being under Bruce's authority, Alfred takes it upon himself to guide the young boy in times of crisis, even if it is done through harsh means. 

Pertwee has had several acting jobs after the "Gotham" finale. He played the King of the West in "The Two Princes," Owen Shannon in "The Prodigal Son," Stanley Lejeune in "The Pale Horse," John Moorcroft in "The Reckoning," and Jimmy in "Two Weeks to Live." He also presented the "Jon Pertwee Files" to celebrate his father's life and his iconic role as the Doctor on what would have been his 100th birthday (via BBC Radio).

Camren Bicondova is a producer

Comic book fans know Selina Kyle as Catwoman, the sultry thief who has stolen not only diamonds but also Batman's heart. "Gotham" explores Selina's relationship with Bruce, but it also focuses on Selina as a street kid, having to steal just to survive. Selina is introduced in the pilot, and the series makes her a witness to the Waynes' murder as she escapes into Crime Alley. Without saying a single word, Camren Bicondova shows that Selina is tough and independent, and at the same time, she is sympathetic and frightened. Though Bicondova does not portray Selina in the finale, her performance throughout the series gives birth to the Catwoman that she becomes. 

Since her time on "Gotham" concluded, Bicondova, a professional dancer, has shown off her moves to her Instragram followers. She has also stayed connected to the "Gotham" world, recently doing a virtual Q&A with fans. Her IMDb page shows that she hasn't done much film or television since 2019, but she did work on a short film, "3 Days Closer." She provides the voice of Abigail's mother, but that's not all: Bicondova gained a production credit thanks to her contribution to the 2020 short.

Cory Michael Smith gained another main role

Cory Michael Smith brought life to one of Batman's most iconic and dangerous adversaries, the Riddler. As "Gotham" chronicles the rise of its villains, the same was done with Edward Nygma. Beginning as a forensic scientist with a penchant for annoying co-workers with random riddles, Edward quickly shows signs of his downward spiral. From murdering his love interest's boyfriend to strangling Kristen Kringle herself, he is haunted by another version of himself until he finally embraces what he has become. From there, he participates in many nefarious schemes, teaming up with the likes of Oswald Cobblepot, Barbara Kean, and even Leslie Thompkins. Just like Oswald, he fully becomes the Riddler in the finale, with his bright green coat emblazoned with question marks. 

After saying goodbye to the Riddler, Smith embarked on a new journey with Amazon Prime. He starred in "Utopia," a science fiction series adapted from a British production, as Thomas Christie, the son of John Cusack's Kevin Christie. Unfortunately, "Utopia" was canceled after only one season. He recently joined the film "Call Jane," though there is no release date for it yet.

Morena Baccarin became a Baudelaire

Comic fans may know Morena Baccarin as Vanessa in "Deadpool," but she has also played Leslie Thompkins, most commonly known as Lee, a doctor who gets involved with Jim Gordon. Unfortunately for her, a relationship with Jim also means dealing with the chaos of Gotham City, his vengeful ex-fiancée, and countless near-death experiences. She attempts to move on and live a normal life, but to no avail. She becomes infected with the Alice Tetch virus, and in her resentment and hatred, the city becomes infected as well. Hoping to atone for her sins, Lee becomes the leader of the Narrows and helps the underprivileged people living there. She eventually reconciles with Jim, and the two marry. 

Following "Gotham," Baccarin joined "A Series of Unfortunate Events" as Beatrice Baudelaire and is just as eccentric and creative as one would expect the mother of Violet, Klaus, and Sunny to be. Her IMDb page also shows the wide range of projects she has worked on since 2019, including roles in "Home Invasion," "Tropico," and "Beast." In addition to acting, Baccarin has also been married to Ben McKenzie since 2017. She gave birth to their second child during the pandemic. 

Erin Richards is a director

Erin Richards started "Gotham" as Jim Gordon's loving, and often worried, fiancée, Barbara Kean. Because of the fear following the supposed death of Oswald Cobblepot and her introduction to Victor Zsasz, Barbara leaves Jim. Her unstable nature is soon revealed after she murders her parents and is sent to Arkham Asylum. Barbara's mental state continues to deteriorate as she participates in evil schemes, even going as far as kidnapping Jim and Lee and threatening to kill them both while wearing her wedding dress. She becomes a crime lord and nightclub owner, seeking to destroy Oswald's empire and punishing any who dare to disobey her. Despite turning into a different person from the one who was engaged to Jim, the two still have passion for one another: One of their flings leads to pregnancy and the birth of Barbara Gordon, the eventual Batgirl. 

Richards has a few new jobs under her belt, including a vampire soap opera called "The Brides" and films such as "Grey Elephant" and "Save the Cinema." In 2020, she put her directorial skills to the test on a Season 2 episode of "God Friended Me." 

Donal Logue joins Resident Evil

When comic fans think of Harvey Bullock, they think of the sleazy and corrupt cop who works with Jim Gordon, and Donal Logue perfectly portrays that onscreen. Having been on the force for quite some time, he knows how Gotham City works and the importance of sticking to the routine. He is often frustrated with Jim's desire to do things by the book, but he quickly forms a loyal bond with his partner — Harvey even performs Jim and Lee's wedding ceremony. Despite wanting to look out for himself, Harvey sticks with Jim through the toughest situations, even staying in the city after Gotham becomes No Man's Land and fighting alongside his fellow cops to regain control. 

Logue has managed to keep busy after "Gotham" finished. He starred alongside Anna Kendrick in "Dummy," a comedy series that debuted on Quibi in 2020. Last November, it was revealed that he will be joining a "Resident Evil" reboot as Chief Brian Irons, a police officer who, like Harvey Bullock, is extremely corrupt.

Jada Pinkett Smith is returning to The Matrix

Though Jada Pinkett Smith's Fish Mooney isn't in the series for long — having been pushed off a building by Oswald Cobblepot in Season 1 and revived by Hugo Strange only to be killed off for good — she is an important fixture within the structure of Gotham City. She holds quite a bit of power, able to run her own club and even convince the police to look the other way when she does something illegal. Like any person holding such a position, she takes loyalty seriously, to the point that she will cause harm to those who disobey her. This attitude leads to her injuring Oswald in the pilot episode, which gives him his signature limp for the remainder of the series. 

After her run on "Gotham," Smith has remained in the limelight, particularly when it came to her open relationship with Will Smith, and she's appeared in several projects. During "Gotham," she starred in "Girl's Trip" with Tiffany Haddish, Regina Hall, and Queen Latifah. Appearing at the Black American Film Festival, it received positive reviews and was also named a top 10 film of the year by Time Magazine. Smith will also return to the "Matrix" world in 2021, reprising her role as Niobe. 

Cameron Monaghan is Shameless again

Though not specifically dubbed "The Joker," Cameron Monaghan embodied the Clown Prince of Crime by throwing Gotham City into chaos through two portrayals. As Jerome Valeska, he makes no move to hide his psychotic nature, laughing and reveling in all the turmoil he has created. As Jerome's twin brother, Jeremiah, Monaghan is much more stable and calm, claiming that his destruction is not meaningless. After being exposed to laughing gas, courtesy of Jerome, Jeremiah sports pale, white skin and red lips, looking much like the Joker in "Batman: The Animated Series." Jeremiah eventually reunites with Bruce — after the boy returns to Gotham as Batman — and when he realizes who the caped crusader is, he cackles with joy as he fights the target of his obsession. 

Monaghan's part in "Gotham" has gained him much recognition, with many commending his performance. Since, he has continued working on "Shameless" as Ian Gallagher for the 10th and 11th seasons; the series came to an end just this past April. Monaghan has also voiced Cal Kestis in "Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order" and appeared as Ferris Bueller for the charity "Acting for a Cause."