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The Original AHS Star That Fans Agree Deserved More Roles

Part of the reason fans love Ryan Murphy's hit horror anthology series is that so many actors continue to give standout performances as very different characters over the various "American Horror Story" seasons. In fact, some of them have been with the show since its debut series, "Murder House," which was a scary, supernatural ghost story that left audiences craving more after it aired in 2011. First season veterans Sarah Paulson, Jessica Lange, and Evan Peters have each created several memorable characters for the show's different stories, but other actors from the original cast haven't seen as many new roles as the series has progressed, and their absence has led to a lot of disappointment among fans.

"American Horror Story" fans on Reddit recently got vocal about wanting to see a certain Season 1 star with greater frequency and in greater depth, saying the actor in question deserves better than what they're getting.

AHS fans want to see more of a certain Murder House teenager

In a particular Reddit convo that opened the floor to talking about anything related to "AHS," user telekineticeleven011 brought up how they can't believe that Taissa Farmiga — who plays teenager Violet Harmon in "Murder House," who's forced to move across the country with her parents (played by Connie Britton and Dylan McDermott) as they try to salvage their marriage — only has three characters in the show which show up over four seasons under her belt, so far. "We can talk about that Taissa only has 3 characters in 'AHS' Universe and she's the OG of the show lol. You'd expect she would have more characters. Poor girl keeps playing Zoe and Violet. And the audacity that she's in 'Roanoke' and only [gets] less than 20 minutes of screen time and gets brutally murdered. Taissaneedsmorecharacters!"

Another Redditor agreed, writing, "Everyone talks about Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson (for good reason) but Taissa was the one who got me hooked onto the show." 

Fans are hopeful Taissa Farmiga shows up in more AHS seasons

We get why fans want to see more of Taissa Farmiga, as her performance in "Murder House" was relatable for anyone who had to deal with a major change during their teenage years, which pretty much covers everyone. So it's no surprise that some fans are holding out some major hope for seeing more of Farmiga in "AHS" in the future. "Hear me out, what if they brought back Taissa as well as her older sister Vera for a season?" user Logical-Attitude-411 asked. "I feel like the chemistry between these two as well as Evan and Sarah would be immaculate." We'd love to see that, too.

While it's obvious that "AHS" fans want more for this OG actor, we'll just have to wait for the next few seasons of the hit TV show to roll out to see if we'll get to see more of her in "American Horror Story" Season 10 or beyond.