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The Number You Need To Pay Attention To In Loki Episode 2

Marvel's Disney+ shows have all been completely different from one another — with the exception of the fact that they all expand the future of the MCU. "WandaVision" introduces us to the reality-shaping possibilities of Wanda's (Elizabeth Olsen) chaos magic. "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" establishes Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) as Captain America in a rapidly changing world. "Loki" is on track to set up a true Marvel multiverse,  in ways the MCU has only previously hinted at.

There's one other thing these shows have in common: Marvel Comics Easter eggs which arrive in the form of numbers. For example, Wanda and Vision's (Paul Bettany) anniversary date is shown to be August 23 in Episode 1 of their series. 1983's "Avengers" #238 sees the Vision, deactivated by a barrier field in a previous issue, gain fantastic new powers and a new personality. If you've seen "WandaVision," then you know it covers much of the same territory.

While we're only two episodes into "Loki" as of this writing, we're already starting to see similar Easter eggs emerge — including a very relevant number in Episode 2, "The Variant".

The origins of the TVA and a potential hint at Loki's plans

Loki (Tom Hiddleston) has, thus far, failed to aide the Time Variance Authority in capturing the Loki variant killing so many of the organization's Minute Men. In fact, the Loki working for the TVA actually uses his fellow variant's shenanigans to mess with the TVA himself.

At this point, Mobius' (Owen Wilson) superior, Ravonna Renslayer (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), is inclined to erase this Loki from existence if he messes up again. So, Mobius plops Loki down at a table with some files to examine, in the hopes that Loki might prove himself useful. In the background of this moment, we can clearly see what floor of the sprawling TVA Loki and Mobius are on: 372.

The number 372 is, in fact, a very meaningful Easter egg. In 1986's "Thor" #372, the Time Variance Authority appears for the first time. While it's entirely possible that this is just a cute reference to Marvel Comics history, it's just as possible that this issue of "Thor" hints at what's to come on "Loki". 

While the individual issue itself doesn't involve Loki, it does involve Thor using Mjolnir to travel back in time to prevent the death of Jane Foster. The Loki on "Loki" finds out in "The Variant" that all of Asgard has been destroyed by Surtur. He pretends not to care, but his tears reveal his true feelings. Perhaps this is our hint that Loki plans to prevent Asgard's destruction via time travel? Fans will have to stay tuned to find out.