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Here's Which AHS Season Fans Think Has The Best Soundtrack

Several distinct elements set "American Horror Story," FX's groundbreaking horror anthology series, apart from what's come before it. It boasts a wide variety of characters, for one thing, ranging from vampiric countesses to literally magical (and deeply wicked) Hollywood starlets. The show also features a dizzying array of themes, settings, and formats. But one of fans' favorite aspects of the series is the music it uses to set its creepy scenes. 

If you've watched all of the show so far, you've likely noticed that every season of "American Horror Story" has its own unique soundtrack, just as it has its own aesthetic, plot, and cast of characters. You probably also have a favorite among those many seasonal soundtracks. Curious about how your favorite stacks up against what other fans love? We've done the legwork to answer that very question, and we're proud to say we know which "American Horror Story" season fans think features the most toe-tapping tunes.

Fans think that Hotel has the best soundtrack

One "American Horror Story" fan, Redditor u/Eichelwurst, took to the show's main subreddit to ask fellow fans which season has the best soundtrack. After fans filled in their votes, Season 5, entitled "Hotel" — which features a soundtrack full of classic '80s hits, among other great songs — was revealed to be the clear winner.

Fans elaborated on their choice in the comments with no small amount of passion. Redditor u/hello_jesska wrote, "'Tear You Apart' [by] She Wants Revenge elevated 'Hotel' to a level I can't even describe. Made me so into 'Hotel' I couldn't explain why I liked it so much." User u/WDTHTDWA-B**** wrote, "'1984's' soundtrack is also an absolute BLAST in a similar vein to 'Hotel.' All that Billy Idol!"

The catchy, poppy songs featured heavily in "Hotel" also connect the season's many blurred timelines, as eighty-eightynine.com points out. These tunes aren't just mood-setting — they're important to the show's continuity.

Hotel isn't the only AHS season with great music

For many "AHS" fans, there are some close contenders when it comes to choosing which season of "AHS" has the best soundtrack. "Coven" and "Freak Show" didn't outrank "Hotel" in terms of tunes, but in the informal Reddit poll, they came pretty darn close.

Redditor u/scottageinthewoods wrote, "Easily 'Hotel,' followed by '1984'" when explaining their vote. A couple of fans even named ties for first place: Redditor u/katel13 wrote, "'Freakshow' and 'Hotel' for me!," while u/AggressiveCrow3967 opined, "'Coven' and 'Hotel!' Come on people FLEETWOOD MAC."

To recap, some of the most well-known songs featured on the "Hotel" soundtrack (per Lyric Soundtrack) are "Hotel California" by the Eagles, "Bela Lugosi's Dead" by Bauhaus, "Siamese Twins" by The Cure, and "Cuts You Up" by Peter Murphy. One thing's for sure: We're definitely going to have to revisit "Hotel" to gain a better appreciation for its musical selections after learning how much fans love its soundtrack!